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Dan Hunt Officially Named FC Dallas President

In case you didn't hear last night, the Toros' temporary steward is no longer temporary.

Wish we had a better photo of you Mr. Hunt.
Wish we had a better photo of you Mr. Hunt.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, the news that Dan Hunt was promoted/named to President of FC Dallas started to make the rounds, prompting many congratulatory tweets and spurring hope for the future.

"Why is this news?" you might ask. "Hasn't Dan Hunt been President this entire time?"

Yes and no.

Technically he was never officially named Preisdent. He stepped in to steer the ship in an emergency capacity after the last helmsman, Doug Quinn, went through something of a scandal and stepped down from his post. Since then, he has made several important decisions and has been very open about his love for the team and the local community.

Throughout the time that Dan has been in charge, his interaction with fans has made him a well liked owner, and whether or not he has opened the purse strings to everyone's liking, there's no denying his commitment to the club. He routinely holds Facebook chats that, while devoid of real meat and content (mostly), are still something fairly rare amongst owners in any sport. He routinely gets asked silly questions and yet answers them with a polite and even tone. Sometimes he even lets slip a few interesting bits of information, and while rare, it's always welcome to see an owner give the fans what they want.

He spearheaded the efforts to both dispatch Schellas Hyndman after last season's collapse, and managed to wrangle Oscar Pareja away from the Rapids. He did so discreetly and without breaking any league rules. It was so discreet in fact, that most, even in the insider media, had completely given up hope of Pareja's return.

His current stated goal is to get a DP, preferably of the international variety. With Clavijo picking up an international slot in the draft for a pittance, that plan seems to be in motion.

Things are getting done with Dan Hunt, and hopefully a new TV deal will be brokered soon.

In the meantime, we should all be happy that hard work and loyalty are rewarded both in the Hunt family and in the FCD organization, and that Dan now has something a bit more permanent to hold him in Frisco.