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FC Dallas Picks Up Flexibility In SuperDraft

With all the wheeling and dealing, FC Dallas made some smart moves today.

via Daniel Robertson,

FC Dallas made plenty of headlines in Thursday's SuperDraft. FCD started the day at the number five spot and quickly made noise when they were looking to potentially move up to number four in a deal with New England. But as that trade didn't materialize, FCD technical director Fernando Clavijo made something - possibly out of nothing - by dealing the fifth pick to Montreal for an international roster slot and allocation.

From there Dallas moved down to number 10 only to make another deal with the Philadelphia Union to move back up to number six. The rest you all should know by now as the club made a surprise selection in getting a Division 2 forward in Tesho Akindele.

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But the real win of the day is seeing how Clavijo and company worked this draft. The club had a limited number of roster spots going into the event and came away with some extra flexibility in the process with the allocation money and the all important international roster slot.

To me those moves spoke more about where this club is likely headed in 2014 than anything else. Clavijo is being mindful of this season and the future too with those moves. He knows an expansion draft is less than a year away and by grabbing an international roster slot (which will expire at the end of 2014) will help build for the future.

Now Clavijo has the money (allocation) and the roster spot to get what the club has been looking for in a potential big signing. Time will tell who that big signing will be but one thing is clear, they want a DP.