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A Final Look at Mock Drafts and Who We're Taking For FC Dallas

Our writers have spoken, here is who we'd like to see in a Dallas uniform this year.

Maryland Athletics

Mock drafts, everyone is doing them this week. So we're doing one of our own here as we pick who we think FC Dallas might take in tomorrow's SuperDraft.

Our writers have been asked (though we may be adding some more to this post later today) who they would pick if they were in Oscar Pareja and Fernando Clavijo's shoes.

Big D Soccer picks:

Alfredo Cuvi:

Marlon Hairston - With the midfield as deeply lacking as it is in many areas, it couldn't hurt to take a flier on a kid who would serve well in a holding, or really any, midfield role. A more defensively minded appraoch with him at an early age might yet find us a replacement for Daniel Hernandez.

Jay Neal:

Patrick Mullins - Yes the fact that he isn't GA hurts but his potential upside is worth the cap hit in my opinion. Let's be honest Blas isn't getting any younger, we don't know how Hassli will be this season, and Baladez may not be ready to step up yet. If Mullins falls to #5 I don't see how FC Dallas pass him up.

Drew Epperley:

Marlon Hairston - Part of me really believes Dallas will trade this pick away because they have such a little shot at snagging Mullins at this point. New England moving into the top four really made that difficult. But if they keep it, grabbing a Generation adidas player is key in my option and Hairston would be a good fit and a nice long-term player to have in the midfield. He's a box-to-box kind of guy and could compete for minutes early on under Oscar Pareja.

Mohammad Bushnaq

Patrick Mullins - If he falls, he could be the best pick for FC Dallas. He would bring versatility to the attack by being able to play anywhere.

Other Mock Drafts:

Top Drawer Soccer:

Schillo Tshuma - Young players thrived under Oscar Pareja at Colorado, and by adding Tshuma, FC Dallas picks up a speed option who could emerge as a goal scoring threat if he's developed with care. He may not have a significant impact this season, but Tshuma has potential written all over him.

[Note: We'll continue adding to this page as we see more Mock Drafts become available, MLSSoccer and other sites will likely be adding their post-Combine mock drafts today or in the morning.]