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FC Dallas Preseason Depth Chart

Time to look over each position and find the weak spots.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason is nearly over as the preseason is just right around the corner. Can you believe that? FC Dallas has made several moves this offseason, which have re-shaped how the team will look. As the team prepares for the SuperDraft and other things in the final weeks of the offseason, it is a good time to revisit where things stand in terms of the depth chart.

Now some players do play in multiple spots, so we'll take that into consideration, though I won't go as far to say that one player is in the depth chart for more than two positions.

More and more it looks like FC Dallas will have a 4-4-2 system or even a 4-3-3 look depending how things shake out with Oscar Pareja.

A couple things before we get started. There will be plenty of issues with all of this, so bear with us here. This is the preseason look after all, a lot can and will change once things really get going here. Don't take all the numbers too seriously.

Let's also look at the transactions real quick from this offseason:

Incoming Outgoing
Ryan Hollingshead (signing) David Ferreira (option declined)
Adam Moffatt (trade w/ Seattle) Ramon Nunez (option declined)
Brian 'Cobi' Span (weighted lottery) Erick (option declined)
Jackson (trade w/ Toronto)
Victor Ulloa (out of contract)
Ugo Ihemelu (option declined)
Kenny Cooper (trade w/ Seattle)

2014 FC Dallas Preseason Depth Chart


  1. Raul Fernandez
  2. Chris Seitz
  3. Richard Sanchez
  4. Jesse Gonzalez
  5. Kyle Zobeck

Left back:

  1. Jair Benitez
  2. Michel
  3. Moises Hernandez

Center back (1):

  1. George John
  2. Walker Zimmerman
  3. London Woodberry

Center back (2):

  1. Matt Hedges
  2. Stephen Keel

Right back:

  1. Zach Loyd
  2. Kellyn Acosta
  3. London Woodberry

Defensive/holding midfield:

  1. Peter Luccin
  2. Adam Moffatt
  3. Andrew Jacobson
  4. Michel
  5. Bobby Warshaw

Left Wing:

  1. Fabian Castillo
  2. Danny Garcia
  3. Jair Benitez

Right Wing:

  1. Je-Vaughn Watson
  2. Ryan Hollingshead

Attacking midfielder:

  1. Mauro Diaz


  1. Blas Perez
  2. Eric Hassli
  3. Brian Span
  4. Bradlee Baladez
  5. Jonathan Top


The forwards, I didn't split them out like the center backs, mainly because of the formation issue in question. Sure, if we know for a fact that the team will be in a 4-4-2 in 2014, then Perez is the top dog on one side and depending on where Castillo plays, he could be the second...or Hassli if he is healthy.

In the case of Acosta, is he a right back in 2014? Or a d-mid? Or a flank player in the midfield? Time will certainly tell on that subject but for now, he is listed at right back. I would also point out that he and Loyd are really a 1a and 1b for me in terms of depth, that may be one instance where the numbering on here really doesn't matter and won't be truly known until we see this team in action.

Key issues:

1. Depth behind Diaz: We know this to be a big sore spot, as it was for a while when David Ferreira was with the team. The keys have obviously been handed over to Diaz for this year and the club will need to grab some insurance for depth reasons behind him. Garcia could be an option behind him but I like him on the wings more.

2. Wing depth is still a question: Is Castillo going to be full time on the wings? That right side looks suspect with two young (and inexperienced) players. Is Watson really the best choice starting out at the right wing?

3. Where a DP fits in: To me, if the club wants a box-to-box DP in the midfield, they may have to move a part or two to really make it work. With four or even five guys (if you add in Acosta) in the d-mid/holding-mid slots, adding in another player may make that tough on the club.

4. Forward depth: As much as I want to be excited by the numbers there, it is still hard to be excited by that group. Perez is the big leader, we know that. Castillo, if he is a forward (which I think he could be in the right system), makes that group a tad better. The big thing will be whether or not we get the Hassli of old or the Hassli of 2013. Also, will we actually see more of Baladez and Top in 2013? Or will loans keep them away?