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The Monday after Oscar and Bradley

Oscar Pareja with FCD and Michael Bradley with TFC? What sounded crazy before is now reality.

Christian Hofer

This past week was quite the eventful one for MLS and FC Dallas fans, wasn't it?

First, the Oscar Pareja saga reached its conclusion this past week with the Toros making the whole deal final with Colorado and settling their head coach issue for the next few years. A head coach makes the draft more enjoyable to talk about and puts fans at ease, especially when you consider the prospects that us die-hards were looking at just a couple of weeks ago.

Then you have the Michael Bradley bombshell dropped last week by Taylor Twellman, who first broke the news on twitter that Bradley was coming to terms with Toronto FC and was leaving Roma. With Sporing Kansas City rumored to have offered $40 million dollars to land one of the USMNT's top players, what does this mean for MLS? If reports are to be believed, there was something of a bidding war between a few teams for Bradley's services. Ultimately they couldn't touch Toronto's offer, but that's not really the point. While it's no surprise that MLS teams want the Nats midfielder (Bradley is really quite good and would fit into any team in MLS), the amount of money being thrown around by teams' ownership groups is exciting.

At one point, even FC Dallas was rumored to have "sniffed" at Diego Forlan. The concept of a player of that caliber playing for the Hoops seems silly, but only a few years ago that would have been considered an impossibility, and no serious publication would have printed such a rumor. Even if it was only a rumor it shows that at least when it comes to money, MLS is growing in big strides right before our eyes.

Who knows what other wild transfer news might turn out to be true? Xavi to the New York Red Bulls sounds ridiculous, but does that really matter when so much money is involved?

The "what ifs" are always fun to ponder during the offseason.

"What if ______?"