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Explaining The Four Round SuperDraft For FC Dallas

Understanding the simplest things in MLS can be fun.

Jamie Squire

As the 2014 MLS SuperDraft draws near, it is a good time to list out the picks per round that FC Dallas will be involved in and explain how the club got those said picks.

In years past, the league had a two round SuperDraft and then a Supplemental draft. This year will mark the first year in some time that the Supplemental draft will not take place as the first two rounds of that draft have been added to the end of the SuperDraft, making it a four round event.

The order of selection each year is the same, reserve order of how each club finished after their playoff finish. As you all are aware of, FCD finished fifth from the bottom, so they'll pick fifth.

As of today, FC Dallas has three picks in this year's draft:

Round 1 (pick 5) - Natural pick for FC Dallas.

Round 2 (pick 24) - This was the natural pick for FC Dallas. Thanks to the Eric Hassli trade from last year, it now belongs to Toronto FC.

Round 3 (pick 43) - Natural pick for FC Dallas.

Round 4 (pick 62) - Natural pick for FC Dallas.