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Dan Hunt Gets His Man: The Future of FCD?

Dallas has made an aggressive move for a coach that was clearly in the hands of another team.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

"FC Dallas gets what they want" is not a phrase that is usually heard around MLS. The Hoops have been around since the league's inception, but have never reached "serious business" status, except for the short lived burst of respect earned by building their own stadium.

FC Dallas is not a laughingstock, but they're no powerhouse either. Not yet at least.

However, if Dan Hunt continues his crusade to improve the team with the same aggression that he pursued Oscar Pareja, this coming season might not be quite the downer it could have been. With a talented head coach in place that has knowledge of the system and deep roots in the area, a strong foundation has been laid for the next few years.

Despite Colorado's claims that Oscar was "going nowhere", the Toros' owner went out and doggedly pursued Pareja until Colorado had no choice but to acquiesce. People like to equate the money an owner spends to his perceived passion (which is only partially true). FC Dallas spent what is likely a hefty sum of allocation money, bought out the remainder of his contract, and also gave up a 2015 first round pick, and then of course there's Oscar's compensarion. If that doesn't say "serious business", there isn't much more FC Dallas can do to convince the doubters outside of spending astronomical, almost unreasonable, amounts of their (and in the case of Seattle, other teams') money .

This doesn't mean that FC Dallas is going to go on to win the MLS Cup, or that they will make a huge bid for an international superstar. MLS has shown that international superstars are not a guaranteed way to win a trophy. What it does mean is that the organization is committed to winning and to the fans. What began last year as a emergency band-aid to cover up Doug Quinn's departure has quickly turned into one of the best things to happen to the organization.

Pareja's hiring will involve a long term project and it's unlikely a massive turnaround will occur this year, but that hardly matters. What matters is that for once the Torors are the team doing the strong-arming and plundering. For once, FC Dallas is not settling for whatever they could easily find on the cheap. We all have huge respect for Marco Ferruzzi and the other applicants, but given his qualifications there's no doubt Oscar was the man best suited for the job.

This is a big message that Dan Hunt is sending to fans. He talked about winning, about building a foundation, about using youth, and Oscar has been going all those things with Colorado. Also, lest we forget, he was doing that before with the FCD Academy where he won U-18 academy Coach of the Year. He's talked the talk, and now he's walked the walk.

There aren't many better ways to start 2014 if you're an Hoops supporter. FCD should expect a rocky ride at first, but the future looks quite promising.