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April Outlook: The Schedule Picks Up For FC Dallas

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March is over and FC Dallas enters a new month this week.

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Hot starts are always fun to discuss in Major League Soccer but as we saw last year with FC Dallas it will be more about how they are able to maintain the strong opening for the full course of the regular season.

FC Dallas enters a new month this week and now things will begin to pick up as we enter a period that will really give us an indication as to whether or not this team has the ability to go far this season.

Houston Dynamo - away - April 5 (7pm)

Right out of the gate FCD has a major challenge in front of them, a trip south to battle Houston. Typically a road game I am all about getting a point at the very least but against a rival like this, three points is what you want to see. How Houston responds to their first loss last week will be a big thing. So will whether or not Je-Vaughn Watson's red card gets rescinded.

Seattle Sounders - home - April 12 (7:30pm)

The last time the Sounders came to town it was Schellas Hyndman's farewell song. This time around it will be all about just getting three more points on Clint Dempsey and the gang. Oh and our pal Kenny Cooper will be coming into town for the first time since the trade with Seattle. So, there will be plenty to discuss in this one. At the very least, you gotta get points from your home games.

Toronto FC - home - April 19 (7:30pm)

Toronto is a team that we're all still figuring out here. They looked great in the first two weeks but then got clobbered last week in Salt Lake. How they respond over the next two weeks will be interesting to see unfold. Michael Bradley is still going to be a fun player to watch come to town, as will Jermain Defoe.

D.C. United - away - April 26 (6pm)

If the Black-and-Red are still what they are right now, that means this should be a three pointer without any doubt. I still wonder if Ben Olsen will even be employed long-term with this club with the way things are going. But if Eddie Johnson gets going between now and then, it could change my tune just a bit.


After four matches in March, FC Dallas ended up with a fairly surprising 10 points. I think to match that level would be great but with two road games, it may be difficult. Obviously continuing their momentum from March is key this weekend in Houston. Getting at minimum a point on the road there will be huge before coming back home with Seattle and Toronto. I think D.C. is a game you have to win on the road no matter what, just to prove you can win away from home.

I think nine points is certainly doable this month, if not just expected after what we've seen so far. Anything less than six however will be a disappointment in my book.

What do you think will come from April? Can the team continue this form and get all 12 points? Or is something like six or seven more realistic?