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Exploring the Depth Chart: Attacking Midfield

The thinnest spot on the FCD roster is here.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The roster deep dive continues again today with another look at the FC Dallas depth chart with the attacking midfield section.

FC Dallas has brought in a lot of new faces this offseason but one area that hasn't been heavily looked at is the attacking midfield area.

Who FCD Has

Mauro Diaz - The weight of the season my rest on his shoulders but if anyone can do it, it may be this young man. Diaz is fully capable of carrying the load in the attacking side of the midfield.

Brian "Cobi" Span - One of the newbies on the roster, Span can and likely will be seen in multiple spots but one area he might likely be used in terms of depth is this position.

Danny Garcia - While being a flank player might be more his speed, FCD technical director Fernando Clavijo did state a couple times this preseason that Garcia could be a very capable backup to Diaz.

Others to consider: Je-Vaughn Watson, David Texeira

Questions/Needs going forward

Health - Should Diaz go down for any stretch of the season, it could be a major concern. While I fully feel someone like Watson or Span could be up to the task for a game or two during the season, anything longer than that could be a dangerous thing to play with.

What if Diaz doesn't show up - Another massive concern could be that Diaz just doesn't live up to our own hype in his first full year in Frisco. While I don't want us to even go down that line of thought, it is something to bring up. Oh the what if game, such a tricky devil.

Depth - Truly the backups to Diaz are fill in type players. There is no true depth behind him even though I have guys listed out below him. That is a major concern as we've noted before on here this preseason.

Chemistry - As I've noted on here as well this preseason, chemistry is a huge thing this season. If the team doesn't gel quickly, then we're in for a long spring. Diaz is the glue in all of this. If he pulls the right strings from this Saturday on, we're in for a treat.