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Exploring the Depth Charts: Right Midfield

Shifting over to the right side of the midfield today.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We're going to try and quickly hammer out these final depth chart pieces this week. Only a couple left as we look first at the right midfield situation.

FC Dallas added a couple pieces to this side of the field in the offseason as they looked to replace Jackson, who was traded away to Toronto FC late last year.

Who FCD Has

Andres Escobar - The newcomer Escobar, comes in on loan from Dynamo Kiev. We haven't seen a ton of him yet on the field for the club in the preseason due to paper work and all that jazz. But what we can expect is a guy that should get a ton of minutes according to technical director Fernando Clavijo.

Ryan Hollingshead - The 2013 draft picks was added to the roster late last year. Hollingshead had a fairly strong preseason camp, showing that he still has what it takes to be a solid contributor this year for the club. His athletic ability is something people will take notice quickly when they see him play too.

Je-Vaughn Watson - The Jamaican may be the most likely player to go at the start of the season in this slot. His preseason was strong as well according to many within the club. We know his short comings from what we saw last year but we also know this guy will work for 90 minutes as well. Love him or not, he is the kind of veteran player this club needs in the locker room too.

Others to consider: Brian 'Cobi' Span, Tesho Akindele

Questions/Needs going forward

Who will break through - This is probably the one roster spot that has the most competition going for it right now. But at the same time it may also be the one spot with the most question marks surrounding it. Jackson was the guy these players are looking to replace and while that shouldn't be that hard of a thing to do, we all know that Jackson was a guy that on his best days would be a tough guy to replace.

Patience for Escobar - If this guy is truly destined to be the replacement for this position and be a full time starter down the road, then we have to practice some patience early on for him. He didn't get a full preseason with the team either but he did come in late enough in the game to get acclimated by the season opener. As long as we don't expect too much out of the gate (like we did with Mauro Diaz last year), then things should pan out in the right manner.

The 'what if' factor - What if Escobar or Watson gobble up all the minutes here, where will that leave Hollingshead? Will the club loan him? Should they even consider that kind of thing now? Lots of 'what ifs' in this group because of the unknown factor that surrounds it.