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Community Preseason Predictions: Top Defensive Player

Who will be the top player on the other side of the ball this year for FCD?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

We discussed the top offensive player recently on here and now it is time to discuss who you all think will be the top player on the other end of the ball.

FC Dallas has made plenty of moves this offseason but one of the biggest may have been landing Hendry Thomas from Colorado in a trade. Getting Thomas along with Adam Moffat from Seattle will help sure up the center part of the midfield, in front of the defense.

In the back, FCD is still pretty set as long as players are healthy for the long haul. George John is still the man in charge in the center of the defense with Matt Hedges going into this third season. The full back spots look stronger this year as both sides see a good mix of youth and experience.

In goal is still a toss up between Chris Seitz and Raul Fernandez. The health of Fernandez will play a factor in this as well but we could also see Richard Sanchez play a role this season.

So who will be the best defensive player in 2014? A defensive midfielder? A full back? One of the center backs? Or a keeper? Let's vote and discuss below.