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Exploring the Depth Chart: Left Midfield

The wings are looking deeper for FC Dallas.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

I had every intention of getting this part of the depth chart deep dive out earlier in the week but things got away from me. Anyways, we're back on this series, looking at each FC Dallas roster position to see the questions and needs that surround it.

Today, we're looking at the left midfielder situation.

Who FCD Has

Fabian Castillo - So far we've seen Castillo be one of 'the guys' this preseason. If this isn't his breakout year, then I don't know when that will ever happen. The young Colombian should easily be the starter out in this spot but he could be pushed by some even younger players, as hard as it is to believe that.

Danny Garcia - The Homegrown midfielder didn't get to play last year but I think we'll see our fair share of him in 2014, mostly off the bench.

Others to consider: Jair Benitez, Je-Vaughn Watson, Brian 'Cobi' Span, Ryan Hollingshead

Questions/Needs going forward

Confidence - I think in this group, playing with confidence is a huge factor in 2014. This is certainly a big deal for Castillo as we've seen him play at a different level this preseason. But can he keep that up for the full season is the real question? I think having confidence in his level of play and confidence from Oscar Pareja will determine that.

More time with the other attackers - This is going to be a need for all attackers on this team since there are a few new faces. The group just needs time to gel. Hopefully the UAE and Florida trips solved that item.

Loan for Garcia - Should Castillo be the guy that we think or at least assume he will be this year, what does that mean for Garcia? Will the front office get him a loan so he does get the playing time that he absolutely needs? Or will he be stuck on the bench? This one is tricky to figure out seeing how you just never know when Castillo will have a cluster of games where he is down in production.