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FC Dallas to Play BK Hacken

FCD has had some scheduling changes during their Middle East trip.

While the preseason trip to the Middle East hasn't yielded a ton of information for FC Dallas fans, we do now know that the club will be getting a set of preseason matches in the coming days.

Swedish club BK Hacken announced earlier today on their website that due to some scheduling issues with local clubs in Dubai, they will now face off against FC Dallas in two matches. The clubs will meet once in Dubai and again in Abu Dhabi, where the Frisco-side is staying during their current trip.

The first match is set for this Friday in Abu Dhabi with the return match in Dubai on Monday.

FC Dallas fans will recall seeing BK Hacken in preseason two years ago in Orlando, where the two sides met for the first time. The two sides tied that match 1-1 in David Ferreira's first full 90 minutes after breaking his ankle in the 2011 season. FCD got a goal from Fabian Castillo just before halftime and nearly won it in stoppage time with a scissor kick from Zach Loyd.

If there is a video stream of the two matches, we will be sure to pass that information over to you as soon as we get it.

[Edit: Some further Googling shows that these two also played to a 1-1 tie back in 2009.]