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Preseason Community Predictions: Fabian Castillo

We're bringing the preseason community predictions back.

Cooper Neill

The last two preseasons, we here at Big D Soccer have given you the chance to make some predictions of your own. So we're bringing it back for year three, starting today with Young Designated Player Fabian Castillo.

This is year number four for the young Colombian. The first two seasons were up and down as one might have expected with year three showing some growth at the end of the year. In 2012, Castillo ended the year with six goals and three assists only to see those stats nearly reverse in 2013 with two goals and six assists.

The numbers on the assists grew largely due to a move to the left side of the field with Brek Shea gone. Castillo is better with his left foot and was more dangerous late in the season. He earned a solid 2100+ minutes in 2013 as well, starting 26 of 33 games.

But year four is a big one for Castillo with Oscar Pareja back in town as the new manager of FC Dallas. For those who weren't aware or have forgotten, when Castillo was first signed by FC Dallas, he lived with Pareja and his family for a couple of months while he was transitioning to the US. Castillo always seemed to play better against Colorado during Pareja's days as manager of the Rapids too.

So time for some predictions. Just as in years past we do number of games played, games started, goals and assists.

4 goals, 10 assists, 28 games started, 32 played. (I'm assuming he'll continue to earn yellow cards like he has in the last couple of season, which may keep him out of a game or two)