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What Moves Are Next For FC Dallas?

Roster compliance date is the end of the week in MLS.


One phrase we're hearing a lot this week from various clubs in Major League Soccer is "this move was made to help us become roster compliant by March 1."

Teams are waiving players, trading players, loaning players, or you name it to get their roster cut down to 30 players or less.

FC Dallas will be no different as they too will need to make several moves to become roster compliant by the end of the week. As of today, they have 31 signed players, two unsigned SuperDraft picks and one trialist (Victor Ulloa) in camp.

So which moves are coming this week?


The tricky loans are likely going to be one of the first things that take place. We've heard the rumblings of Bobby Warshaw going back to Sweden (more on that in a bit) and we'll likely see Bradlee Baladez go back to Florida. I've heard from a couple sources that Fort Lauderdale is likely the destination for him and possibly London Woodberry when he is fully healthy.


I'd be a bit surprised at this point if Ulloa made the roster but who knows, Oscar Pareja may opt to keep him in camp and hope to get a little more out of the former Homegrown midfielder. That being said, we've heard that Kyle Zobeck is likely on his way out and it won't come as a shock to any of you that Eric Hassli is likely another candidate for getting cut/waived.


After the loans and the cuts, we should still see a couple signings for the SuperDraft picks. Those keeping score at home should note that all three of these things (three loans, two cuts, two rookie signings) would get FCD to a total number of 28. If Hassli doesn't get cut, that means they'll be at 29.

Still, the club could opt not to keep third round pick Nicholas Walker around as well.

Now some of this is speculation but I feel pretty strong about these moves in general. Getting below 30 is key as it will allow FCD to sign a player or two during the season, particularly after the World Cup. There also could be another loan or cut that we don't know about too.

Are there any other moves out there that you think FCD should do before the roster compliant date?