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Community Preseason Predictions: Offensive Player of the Year

Time to decide who will be leading the charge for FCD on offense this year.


The last couple of weeks have been a tad crazy for FC Dallas as they've added new players left and right. Most of the new blood is young and fast. But the bigger question is how well will they contend in Major League Soccer.

We've been asking you to make preseason predictions for several players so far these last few weeks and now we're going to do something a little different as we discuss who we think will be our top offensive player in 2014. It may be too early to tell these sorts of things but with all the new faces around it feels like a fun discussion.

Just to recap, FCD has added two young players in the last couple of weeks with winger Andres Escobar and young Designated Player David Texeira. Those two go along with our new rookie Tesho Akindele and the returning crop of players like Fabian Castillo, Blas Perez, Mauro Diaz and Je-Vaughn Watson. We also cannot forget to mention the other guys that were added back in latter part of 2013 in Brian 'Cobi' Span and Ryan Hollingshead.

Last year Perez lead the way in the goal department but I'm open to discussing whether or not someone like Diaz will be the top offensive player due to assists, or maybe a combined effort of the two stats.

So vote below and discuss it in the comments section.