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Loans on the way for some FC Dallas players

As expected, we should see some deals come together for a couple young players.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas is on either way to Florida today but according to the Dallas Morning News, a group of young players won't be going with the team. Unlike the UAE trip that saw five players stay behind due to injuries and recovery, these players won't be going to Florida this week so the club can concentrate on getting them a loan for the season.

But four players who won't travel to Florida albeit for different reasons are Homegrown forward Bradlee Baladez, defender Ronny Santos Mendoza, midfielder Bobby Warshaw and goalkeeper Kyle Zobeck.

Baladez and Warshaw have not been present at training lately as the club is exploring options to loan them out likely for the entire season.

Both Baladez and Warshaw look to be going back out on loans this season. Last year both were sent out in the summer and saw plenty of success in Fort Lauderdale (Baladez) and Sweden (Warshaw).

It should be noted that London Woodberry is also a likely candidate for a loan this season as well.

According to the DMN report, the news isn't so good for Mendoza or Zobeck. The fourth round pick Mendoza has already been cut and it appears that Zobeck is likely to be next.

Destinations still unknown

For now, we don't know where Warshaw, Baladez or even Woodberry could be heading out on loan. The article linked above mentioned NASL as an option, and Europe. I would bet that if it is Europe, it will be another Scandinavian country like Sweden. Their schedule is more in-line with the MLS, which would make matters a little easier to deal with.

Looking at the NASL, their season begins in April, so their preseason camps are likely starting up around now as well. So getting these players in a camp somewhere right now makes the most sense to give them playing time that they need.

What this does for the roster

The big thing is, these moves will open up roster space. We're looking at potentially four roster spaces becoming available (Mendoza was never signed so he never truly counted). It also frees up players that are further down the depth charts in their respective positions.

Lastly, this is a good sign for third round pick Nicholas Walker to make the team this season. He hasn't been cut yet and given the fact that the club has already issued him a jersey number (#34 for those keeping score at home), that certainly helps his chances. He still has to make it through Florida but another decent showing and I would imagine he'll get signed.