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Community Preseason Predictions: Adam Moffat

The newcomer brings plenty of valuable experience to the table.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

We're diving back into our community preseason predictions on a lazy Sunday afternoon. We're working our way around the roster a bit and up next is a newcomer for FC Dallas, midfielder Adam Moffat.

As you might recall, Moffat came over from Seattle in a trade last fall for Kenny Cooper. Moffat is a seasoned veteran in Major League Soccer, playing in Columbus, Portland and Houston before last year when he was sent to Seattle in the middle of the season.

Moffat has played in 116 MLS games in his career, starting 98 of them. While his 12 goals and six assists aren't anything to write home about in terms of stats, it is his consistent play on the field that gets people's attention. But when he does score he typically scores big goals in the form of a long-range bomb.

Health has been a factor for Moffat over the years though. His early years in Columbus were filled with injuries. However, last year was his first season that he appeared in more than 30 games, playing in 26 for Houston and then the final nine for Seattle (including playoffs).

So what will Moffat do for FCD in 2014? Time to discuss it below.

28 games played, 26 starts, 3 goals, 1 assist