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What is the plan for FC Dallas today?

Time to speculate as to what moves will be made today.

FC Dallas Communications

This morning there will be a media call with FC Dallas technical director Fernando Clavijo. The club is also expected to make some roster moves today before that call. So what exactly is FC Dallas up to today? Time to quickly speculate.

Currently the club has more than the allowed 30 players on the roster, so some trimming will be needed. Not to mention the club expects to have some trialist come to Florida with them next week, so they could be opening space for that as well. Here are a few items that could happen this morning:

Someone/something has been traded

While this one seems to be the least likely in my mind at the moment, it is very possible that FCD has struck a deal with another club to land some allocation money. I would imagine that is more likely than a player getting traded away from this team.

The other side of that is that FCD is currently stocked at both goalkeeper and holding midfielder. You got to think that at some point, someone is getting the boot in some form or fashion.

Someone is getting loaned

It feels a tad early to be discussing loans since FCD doesn't have a USL PRO affiliate for this season. The team could be working to loan out a player to a club overseas again like they've done in the past but even that seems like a stretch at this stage in the game.

We've briefly discussed the loan possibilities with this group, so any number of players come to mind that are up for a loan.

Someone is getting cut

This one makes the most sense out of everything. The question will remain who is getting cut. I have a fairly good idea as to who they will be getting rid of today but I feel like waiting a couple hours to see if my hunch is correct.

What it all means

The fact that there will be a media call after these moves are made means there is at least one decent name being bought/sold/traded/loaned/etc. today. That is about the only reason as to why a conference call with Clavijo would be set up in a situation like this. That and the club is off for the day as they are recovering from their UAE trip.

What do you think today's moves will be? A new player? Will someone get cut? Let's discuss it below.