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Community Preseason Predictions: Eric Hassli

The Frenchman hopes to stay healthy in 2014.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

So far in our Community Predictions, we've thrown you some softballs. Now it is time to step up and make a prediction on a player that most of us really want to see succeed here in Dallas. Today we're talking Frenchman Eric Hassli. (Note: Funny how I wrote this up at 8 this morning to be published at noon only to later see this over at the DMN blog about Eric)

The big striker joined FC Dallas before the 2013 season from Toronto in a deal that at the time made sense for FC Dallas. The club needed some help up front for Blas Perez and brining in someone like Hassli could be a big deal for the team. But 2013 was a tough one for the Frenchman as he had to deal with various back injuries that kept him sidelined for most of the season.

In 2013, Hassli played in 15 games and only started four of them. He didn't score a single goal but did chip in one assists. Those totals were a far cry from his first year in MLS with Vancouver in 2011 when he started 21 games and scored 10 goals for the Whitecaps.

The word out of the coaches and Fernando Clavijo so far this winter is that Hassli looks and is healthy going into the new year. The thing with back injures like his, you just never know what will set it off or tweak it to cause pain. Weight was an issue for Hassli coming into Dallas last season and at times it looked to get worse to some of you. But seeing him recently, he looks a bit leaner than before. Hopefully that lean look will help keep him on the pitch in 2014, contributing to his club.

So what do you all say? Do you see a lot from Hassli this season or are you expecting more of the same like we had in 2013?

2 goals, 3 assists, 15 games played, 7 starts.