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FC Dallas Gets More Streamline Approach In 2014

Steve Davis of NBC's Pro Soccer Talk caught up with the FCD main decision makers on Tuesday to report this story.

via FC Dallas Communications

If anything, this news from Steve Davis at Pro Soccer Talk should come as a bit of a relief to many of you. FC Dallas is ditching the old committee approach that was used under Schellas Hyndman to do roster moves, trades and other nonsense.

Instead, things will be as Davis puts it, things will now be streamlined.

Davis always puts things nicely when explaining matters. He mentioned how before with Hyndman that as many as five people were involved in roster decisions.

It was never a good way to do business. In all honesty, five people can barely decide where to go for lunch. Someone wants Chipotle ... but someone else is in the mood for Tex-Mex ... and someone else is on a diet and needs a healthy salad and so on.

Hmm...Chipotle. Sorry, got distracted for a moment.

Anyways, Davis says that now under new manager Oscar Pareja that he and technical director Fernando Clavijo will make the decisions on the roster. Which is how most teams do it in the league. The head coach and GM/TD make the roster moves, and only the owners step in when it comes to a Designated Player type move.

From what I could gather out of Dan Hunt on Tuesday, he's more willing to listen to Pareja and Clavijo than step in and make roster moves himself. He is running the business side of things according to his brother Clark. Will he be totally involved in player moves this year? Yes and no, but from the sounds of things, we can expect this roster to be heavily on what Pareja wants. That is a good thing.

The only sad part of that article linked above is the fact that this club hasn't won a playoff game since their MLS Cup run in 2010. Boy that feels like ages ago huh?