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Around MLS: Treading Water

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Houston lose, Montreal win, and Dallas keeps pace.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Unlike in past weeks, the Western Conference did FCD no favors, so Dallas' nice win against the Whitecaps only helps them keep pace with the rest of the west as opposed to catching up.

Sporting Kansas City rubbed in some salt in the Columbus Crew's wound, and beat them handily 3-0. While Sporting has been a bit up and down, a good morale boosting throttling of one of the weaker teams in the league should help get them back on track.

If you're a Sporting fan, beating Columbus by three goals is nothing to sneeze at, considering that KC were missing four starters because of International callups. They were missing some key pieces and still handled the Crew with ease. Columbus didn't even put a shot on goal until the 78th minute. Yikes.

The Crew is still dealing with the reality of someone other than Robert Warzycha coaching the team. The season is pretty much over for Columbus, but hopefully with Anthony Precourt handling them they can look forward to better things. Things better than losing 3-0.

The Seattle Sounders beat the Chicago Fire 2-1 in one heck of an exciting match to watch. Despite not winning with absolute authority, the Sounders always find a way to win. This time it was an own goal by Gonzalo Segares in the 89th minute. As a Dallas fan, I want to discount this victory and say "Seattle got lucky".

They did get lucky, but they also looked very threatening. Chicago played hard, fast and really took it to Seattle. The game was back and forth, fast paced and full of fouls, both little and big. I'm not sure if Seattle played down to Chicago, or Chicago turned on the heat for Seattle. Either way the teams looked neck in neck for the entire match right up until Segares gave Seattle the three points.

You don't get own goals without creating chances though. Take that as you will.

The scoreline tells the entire story of the Portland Timbers bashing in Toronto FC's brains 4-0. Take a moment, head to your local shelter, and adopt a TFC fan. You can also donate some money to the TFC Supporter's Fund. It's a life of misery and uncertainty for poor Toronto fans, and you can make a difference for as little as one dollar a day. They can buy beer and whiskey and drink themselves into oblivion. I would, if my team was like that.

Portland stopped their two game losing streak and held onto fourth place, to the relief of absolutely no one but Timbers fans.

In other news involving teams needing to lose that didn't, Colorado beat LA yet again this season, 1-0. You could argue that their would be some impressive defending from the Rapids, but as mentioned during the preview, LA was missing some very large Robbie Keane shaped pieces in their lineup.

The New York Red Bulls picked apart the Houston Dynamo in the second half to win by a comfortable 4-1 scoreline.

What exactly is up with the Dynamo? They have been really poor this season relative to the expectations heaped upon them. The obvious answer is that they were never as good as advertised. Appearing in MLS Cup had more to do with Kinner being a great tournament coach and MLS' very forgiving number of playoff spots.

But the Dynamo have underwhelmed even me. Their lack of creativity is startling, and when the fouls don't work as a tactic they seem to run out of steam. Dominic Kinnear isn't much for changing up his style though and that's hurting them.

You can see shreds and bits of flair and style pop up every now and then, but it isn't consistent and that stupidly narrow field really hurts their ability to play out wide. They have acquired players who are probably more than capable of using the wings effectively, but Dynamo management seems intent on keeping that field narrow to give Houston an "advantage".

Go figure. It's only advantage when you're at home, and it isn't much of one at all when you're losing at home.

The Montreal Impact keep winning and they once again top the Eastern table after defeating the New England Revolution 4-2. They're only .04 PPG away from Seattle in the race for the Supporter's Shield.

Who knows how this match would have played out if Matt Reis, of all people, had not been sent off in the 5th minute for taking down Marco Di Vaio. He got a red card, a penalty was awarded, and from that point on New England played a man down. Playing a man down for 85 minutes makes it really hard to assess how well New England could have done.

They looked to have a good spark to them and they tried hard, but that's just too much time with a man advantage for Montreal to do anything but win. New England might have won, but if Montreal are as good as we think then the poor Revs didn't stand a chance after Reis' sending off.

What do you think of the call?

Food for Thought:

  1. What's up with Houston? If you have watched them, what do you think is keeping them from the playoffs?
  2. Who is your SS favorite at the moment? Seattle or Montreal? Montreal plays in a weaker conference, giving them the edge I think. But Seattle is so solid it's hard to argue against them.
  3. Is that a clear red to Matt Reis?
  4. What are your plans for the big match against Mexico tomorrow?