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Three Questions with Eighty Six Forever

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Big D Soccer chats with Jon Szekeres about the recent Whitecaps performances


Here are our three questions. It seems FCD isn't the only team feeling a bit pessimistic.

1) Vancouver went through a major surge during the summer, though they cooled off quite a bit since then. What contributed to their streak and can it be reproduced?

The goal scoring has dried up. The trio of Kenny Miller, Camilo, and Russell Teibert were tearing up MLS for the better part of a month, but have come back down to earth. It didn't help that the club was without it's best attacking midfielder, Nigel Reo-Coker, last week. If the 'Caps get back to basics and Camilo becomes the driving force he's been for most of the season, the 'Caps are an elite team. However, when the forward unit is struggling this much, you do fear for their playoff hopes.

2) How is Vancouver seeing the draw at home to Chivas? Was it something the team should be concerned about, or is it just a blip on the radar?

It was a disappointment, and the first time this season I've suggested we hit the panic button. Bottom line, the 'Caps couldn't generate squat against a very weak backline, and barely escaped with a draw. They scored a very lucky goal to get a fire lit under them, and then Tom Heinemann was left totally alone in front of the net for a very easy goal to tie it all up. Usually, Camilo feasts on Chivas USA. This time, he looked slow and made me question his health

3) How likely are the playoffs looking? Vancouver is right there in the thick of it. Is it more of a long shot, or do you think they can overtake one of the teams in the top 5?

If they lose to Dallas outright this weekend, the season is essentially over. That may sound a bit dramatic, but there is just far too much parity in this league to suggest the 'Caps will be able to stay afloat. However, we all thought that was the case last season too, and the 'Caps managed to stumble into the post-season. Long story short (too late), the 'Caps have made the final stretch of the season very hard on themselves, and that didn't have to happen.

Thanks to Jon Szekeres and the folks at Eighty Six Forever. If you'd like to read my replies to his questions, head on over to their blog to check it out.