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FC Dallas Injury Report: Andrew Jacobson Improving

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The week off helped some players get back to full strength.


As expected, the week off for FC Dallas last week helped several players out. Going into the previous game against San Jose, Dallas had several veteran players on the injury report but today the progress for some players looks very good ahead of Saturday's clash with Vancouver.

We talked yesterday how Eric Hassli turned a corner with his injured back. Today we can talk about the progress of midfielder Andrew Jacobson.

Last week Schellas Hyndman told reporters that Jacobson improved a great deal while the club was on the road in Portland and LA two weeks ago. With the extra rest, he was able to work himself back into training late last week and has been able to do full training all of this week.

Loyd still remains a big question mark for the club this weekend. Loyd was seen doing rehab work earlier in the week, which meant he wasn't on the field training with the rest of the club. Hyndman still calls him day-to-day but I wouldn't figure him on playing this weekend.

Peter Luccin should be moving off the IR too. The veteran played in a Reserve League match earlier this week against New York. He has said to be involved in practice as well this week, so the possibility of him making the bench is there.