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Five Thoughts: Frustration Boiling Over For FC Dallas

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The one silver lining is that the season ends in four games.

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There is no easy way to put it. Last night's 4-2 loss to the Columbus Crew was easily one of the worst losses I've seen FC Dallas have over the last few years. At this point it almost feels worthless to even break down the game, but I'll attempt to do my best.

Questionable moves lead to loss. I have to give Hyndman some credit for rolling the dice last night. His main left back Jair Benitez was sidelined with a knock that he picked up in practice the other day so he couldn't go. He was bold and brought back Zach Loyd to start opposite of Kellyn Acosta. The move didn't pan out in the end as Loyd, clearly showing a bit of rust, was beaten badly on the sideline against a much faster player in Dominic Oduro.

Then the other roll of the dice was starting Mauro Diaz over David Ferreira. This caused allowed Fabian Castillo to play a little higher up with Blas Perez up front but in the end that wasn't a great call as Castillo never looked comfortable on the night and the left wing was exposed too much. Andrew Jacobson played a little more wide than normal because of that, leaving the middle open for Columbus to own.

And then there were the three second half substitutions. Ferreira for Erick? Kenny Cooper for Castillo? And then Michel for Acosta? Yes Hyndman needed to get Ferreira on the field for the last 30 or so, I'll give him that, but for Erick? I'll admit that Erick wasn't great on the night but I would have rather seen Jacobson be brought out in that situation. Same goes for Jackson when Cooper came into the match. Hyndman's love for Jackson has grown old in my book as the Brazilian really has looked bad over the last two months here.

I don't even want to get into the Michel sub. Yes, bringing him in for set pieces is wise but taking out Acosta, arguably the best defender on the night for Dallas was a mistake. And it showed on the fourth Columbus goal.

Bright spots. I'm an eternal optimist by nature so I have to look at some bright sides when there are some. Diaz was a beast on the night, proving that Hyndman waited a bit too long to give him a chance at starting a match. I do get why Hyndman waited until last night to start him as he is still honestly not fit enough for 90 minutes. Late in the match he looked gassed but the two goal for Dallas that he had a hand in proved why we all are excited about this guy.

Then there is Acosta. Sure, he had a couple bad passes on the night but the kid continues to grow with each game. He had a couple big open field tackles that probably saved another counter attack chance for the Crew.

One month to go. We'll dive into the schedule at some point this week but there are only four games to go. Some of the players still believe that winning three games out of the last four will be enough but as we've pointed out on here before, that may not be enough.

Crowd voices their displeasure. It didn't just happen after the second Columbus goal, or the third. But it was definitely loud and noteworthy at the end of the match when the Beer Garden loudly chanted "Fire Schellas". Each time I felt the crowd had every right to voice their displeasure in what they were paying to see happen in front of them. Each time it grew louder.

When asked about it afterwards, Schellas Hyndman felt the crowd had every right to hold him and the rest of the team to a higher standard.

"I think our results are deserving [of the reaction]," Hyndman told reporters after the match. "Not just tonight, but the results we've been having. At the end of the day, it's all about the results and we're not getting them.

"I think results, not playing well, whatever it is, I think the fans need to hold us [to a higher standard], as we should be holding ourselves higher."

Lame duck. You could almost get a sense that with every response out of Hyndman last night afterwards that he was already in a lame duck mode as a coach. He kept saying how he didn't feel the players had quit on him yet this year but body language of those players tells a completely different story. None of the players wanted to say anything about the chants from the fans or whether or not they had given up on the season.

But I noticed one interesting thing in the locker room after Hyndman had spoken to the reporters. He went into his office for a few minutes, shut the door and when it was open again the man who came out first wasn't Hyndman, it was Dan Hunt. The look on Hunt's face told the story. I have no idea what was said in that short meeting but you could get a quick sense that it wasn't good.

Just pure speculating on my part, but I imagine Hunt was laying out the next month to Hyndman. Win four games and save your job. Anything less and it will be a matter of whether or not Hyndman resigns or gets canned. Either way, I think we all know what it coming here, it is only a matter of time.

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