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FC Dallas and the Western Conference Playoff Push

Just who has what left and how this whole thing could shape up.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

It is crunch time in Major League Soccer's 2013 playoff race. Here is a quick look at what each Western Conference team has left on their schedule (minus Chivas USA since they are eliminated).

Seattle Sounders FC

Current Points: 50 (15-8-5)
Games Remaining: 6 (3 home/ 3 away)
2013 Home/Away Record: 10-1-3 / 5-7-2
Remaining Schedule: 9/29 vs NY, 10/5 @ COL, 10/9 vs. VAN, 10/13 @ PDX, 10/19 @ FCD, 10/27 vs LA
Recent Form (Last five): WWWWD
Maximum Possible Pts: 68
Average Opponents Pts: 44.6

Comment: The Sounders have the most games remaining at this point with six. But they also have one of the tougher remaining schedules as well based on the opposition's average current points. I still believe the Supporters' Shield is their's to lose.

Real Salt Lake

Current Points: 48 (14-10-6)
Games Remaining: 4 (2 home/ 2 away)
2013 Home/Away Record: 9-3-3 / 5-7-3
Remaining Schedule: 9/28 @ VAN, 10/5 vs. FCD, 10/19 @ PDX, 10/23 vs. CHV (They also have a USOC final)
Recent Form (last five): DWWLL
Maximum Possible Pts: 60
Average Opponents Pts: 38

Comment: Four games remaining plus one USOC final. Getting Chivas at the end could be a blessing for them as they could use it to rest some key players before the playoffs. Or it could be a game that they need to get home field advantage secure in the playoffs.

Portland Timbers

Current Points: 46 (11-5-13)
Games Remaining: 5 (3 home/ 2 away)
2013 Home/Away Record: 9-1-4 / 2-4-9
Remaining Schedule: 9/29 vs LA, 10/6 @ VAN, 10/13 vs. SEA, 10/19 vs RSL, 10/26 @ CHV
Recent Form (Last five): LLWDW
Maximum Possible Pts: 61
Average Opponents Pts: 42

Comment: I'm curious to see if all of those draws will come back to haunt them in the end or if they'll have enough with this remaining schedule to lock up a playoff spot. All I know is, if they are in the wild card round as the 4th seed, I wouldn't want to face them at JELD-WEN Field. Can you imagine that scene?

LA Galaxy

Current Points: 45 (13-10-6)
Games Remaining: 5 (3 home/ 2 away)
2013 Home/Away Record: 9-2-3 / 4-8-3
Remaining Schedule: 9/29 @ PDX, 10/6 vs CHV, 10/16 vs. MLT, 10/20 vs SJ, 10/27 @ SEA
Recent Form (last five): WWLDD
Maximum Possible Pts: 60
Average Opponents Pts: 41.6

Comment: Now that they have their CCL group stage in order, they can focus on the remaining portion of the regular season. I think getting those three games in a row at home before the finale at Seattle is going to be huge for them. It may even be the difference between the Galaxy being a wild card team or a top two team in the West.

Colorado Rapids

Current Points: 45 (12-9-9)
Games Remaining: 4 (2 home/ 2 away)
2013 Home/Away Record: 8-3-4 / 4-5-6
Remaining Schedule: 10/5 vs SEA, 10/9 @ SJ, 10/19 vs VAN, 10/27 @ VAN
Recent Form (last five): WLWWL
Maximum Possible Pts: 57
Average Opponents Pts: 43.25

Comment: Oscar Pareja and company have a tough out with Seattle coming up and then three games against two desperate teams. That final two weeks against Vancouver will certainly be interesting for both sides. Make or break may not even begin to describe it.

Vancouver Whitecaps

Current Points: 41 (11-10-8)
Games Remaining: 5 (3 home/ 2 away)
2013 Home/Away Record: 8-2-4 / 3-8-4
Remaining Schedule: 9/28 vs RSL, 10/6 vs PDX, 10/9 @ SEA, 10/19 @ COL, 10/27 vs COL
Recent Form (last five): LDLDW
Maximum Possible Pts: 56
Average Opponents Pts: 45.2

Comment: The hardest remaining schedule of the bunch. If the Whitecaps can get wins at home that will be one thing, but they'll need just as many wins on the road to be safe as well. That won't be easy in Seattle or Colorado.

San Jose Earthquakes

Current Points: 41 (11-11-8)
Games Remaining: 4 (2 home/ 2 away)
2013 Home/Away Record: 9-1-5 / 2-10-3
Remaining Schedule: 9/28 @ CHV, 10/9 vs COL, 10/20 @ LA 10/26 vs FCD
Recent Form (last five): DLWDW
Maximum Possible Pts: 53
Average Opponents Pts: 38

Comment: One of the easier remaining schedules of the bunch, thanks to a visit to Chivas. San Jose has been better lately but that doesn't mean they're going to be able to get back in the thick of things. They need to win at least three of these four and get some serious help.

FC Dallas

Current Points: 40 (10-9-10)
Games Remaining: 5 (3 home/ 2 away)
2013 Home/Away Record: 8-1-5 / 2-8-5
Remaining Schedule: 9/29 vs CLB, 10/5 @ RSL, 10/12 vs. CHI, 10/19 vs SEA, 10/26 @ SJ
Recent Form (last five): WDWLL
Maximum Possible Pts: 55
Average Opponents Pts: 43.2

Comment: And finally the remaining schedule for Dallas. We'll go into October's four games next week. But you know what is left since you are reading this space. Five games, the home games are all must-wins and getting points on the two road games are a must as well. Somewhere in there Dallas needs nine or 11 points. It won't be easy.

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