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Recapping The Rankings: Unfortunate Own goal

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FC Dallas was stunned by an own goal at New York en route to a 1-0 loss...

Tale of two teams....
Tale of two teams....
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

If I am being completely honest, FC Dallas did not deserve to pull out a victory against the Energy Drinks. However, the defense had played very well (Matt Hedges) and did not deserve to lose this one either. 0-0 would have been a fair result had it not been for the unfortunate own goal. Own goals happen, trust me I know, but this one was at the worst possible time and I think that's what hurt the most. BLEACHER REPORT DID NOT MOVE THEM UP AFTER A LOSS! Let's see how the rankings hit was....

Rank: 16 (last week 15)

Comment: Maybe didn't deserve to lose that one, but they didn't deserve to win, either. And they've now picked up just two wins in their last 16 outings. FCD fans have to be just about ready to close the book on 2013.

Rank: 12 (last week 11)

Comment: The loss to New York was a killer, as Erick's own goal came with nary a Red Bull attacker in sight. FCD now embarks on a brutal five-game stretch, all against teams desperate for points. Suffice it to say, Dallas' playoff hopes aren't looking good.

Sports Illustrated

Rank: 15 (last week 11)

Comment: FC Dallas' brief resurgence has been followed up by two consecutive, crippling losses that have the club's postseason hopes on life support. For a team that dominated the top of the standings for so long at the beginning of the season only to fall flat is a chief reminder of how vital it is to keep building and maintain form as opposed to firing right out of the gate. The playoffs aren't out of reach yet, but Schellas Hyndman's side is not making life easy for itself.

Bleacher Report

Rank: 14 (last week 10)

Comment: FC Dallas dropped to ninth in the West after a very painful self-inflicted wound cost them their match against New York. In the 76th minute of the match, Erick scored an own goal that could end up becoming the deciding goal when it comes down to the playoff hopes of the Hoops.