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The Final Word: How Everyone Else Reacted To The 1-0 Loss At New York

We've given our take, now it is time to show everyone else's take.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It is time to put a cap on the loss to the New York Red Bulls from Sunday. FC Dallas is back in town and will resume training today after the 1-0 loss. We've given our take on the result here and now it is time to show you some other reactions to the game.

Matt Barbour, - "I mean, it was a nothing ball, it was a nothing ball," Dallas manager Schellas Hyndman told reporters. "I think we had probably three guys on a straight that could've taken it, except for the guy that did in the middle and he put it right in. It's unfortunate, the guys feel terrible."

Franco Panzio, - "I wasn't really stunned, to be honest with you," Steele said. "If you put the ball across the front of the net, you'll never know what will happen. I think it was a good ball by Kosuke and a dangerous ball by myself across the front and it's his bad isn't it?"

Steve Hunt, - "In short, as their very playoff fate hangs in the balance, Dallas played with such an alarmingly lack of urgency that it has led many supporters to wonder if this team has already thrown in the towel on what has been a tough season, one where FCD was among the league leaders early on, a run owed mostly to smoke, mirrors and more than a little good luck to now being among a gaggle of teams in the West fighting it out for one of the last few playoff spots."

Alfredo Cuvi, - "The thing is, we didn't imagine the team from a few weeks ago. While no one would have called FCD the best team EVER (that honorable designation changes season by season according to, they honestly began to look better. They looked like they were capable of putting a run together, and certainly looked motivated."

Matt Coyne, - "In a relatively drab game -- as is par for the course, the Red Bulls had some good chances and there was some iffy officiating -- the story is more what happened the night before than anything that happened Sunday."

Dave Martinez, - "Jamison Olave is a big reason for this year's defensive turnaround. As Petke said after the match, Olave has almost "rejuvenated" his career since arriving in New York. This weekend, he continued to make a solid impact, stopping all challenges in the box and disrupting the play of FC Dallas' speedy wingers and strikers."

Peter Welpton, 3rdDegree.Net - "It's not that Dallas played a terrible game in New Jersey, but as has been since June, it just wasn't good or creative enough to be a credible threat for winning the game. A tie was just about as bad as a loss and there were terribly long stretches where Dallas simply didn't play with the level of intensity expected for a side fighting for its playoff life."