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Schellas Hyndman Not Worried About Job Security

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The Gaffer isn't worried about his job should the club not reach the post season.

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

We've touched on Schellas Hyndman's job security before and now it appears that it is being discussed more in the open by him to reporters.

When talking to 3rdDegree's Steve Hunt on Friday, Hyndman was asked how he felt about his job going into the final stretch of the season.

"You always want to do a good job and the thing is you're always critical of yourself. But no, let's put it this way, if it's there it doesn't affect any decisions because you're doing what you think is the right thing," Hyndman said. "The last thing you want to do and the last thing you ever want a player to do is be distracted or scared, so no."

Pretty bold statement but a fairly typical one from Hyndman.

The Gaffer has stated several times recently that the club needs four wins in their final eight games but now it appears that four out of the last six is more appropriate. The club has an important game in New York today.

Do you think Hyndman should be worried about his job?