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FC Dallas Injury Update: Finally Healthy?

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Dallas could be in it's best shape going into this weekend's clash at New York.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

For several months, injuries have taken their toll on FC Dallas. That much we know as it happens nearly every season. But as luck would have it, Dallas might be at the healthiest stage that they have been in since the start of the season this weekend as they head to New York.

Zach Loyd has been back in training for over a week now after dealing with an ACL strain. Peter Luccin made it to the bench last weekend for the first time this season and the depth at center back is stronger than ever with Walker Zimmerman no longer dealing with any sort of nagging injury.

Now the question remains, will this healthy squad force Schellas Hyndman into playing yet another new lineup come Sunday against the New York Red Bulls? I would venture to guess that it might. Blas Perez should get the nod up front after coming off the bench last weekend in Colorado. That means someone like Jackson or Je-Vaughn Watson will get moved to the bench (likely Watson).

But does Hyndman make a shift back to Loyd in place of Homegrown defender Kellyn Acosta? That may be the bigger question and honestly I doubt he does. Acosta has proven himself to be a big time player since taking over the starting role last month.

So what kind of lineup do you want to see on Sunday? I know what most of you are thinking, you want Mauro Diaz in there. I'm right there with you but do you drop a Jackson or Castillo to fit him in there? A tough call considering Diaz isn't a true winger from what we've seen out of him so far.

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