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Is Schellas Hyndman Officially Under Pressure To Make The Playoffs?

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A recent fan chat on Facebook with Dan Hunt makes it seem as though the Gaffer is under some heat.

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It is a lovely, rainy Labor Day here in Dallas. Am I right? I'm off from work for the day so I thought it would be a good time to write up a couple items that I've been holding back on for a little while. The first is a slight temperature gage on Schellas Hyndman's future with the club.

During the 11-game winless streak it appeared that the hot seat under Hyndman was starting to get warmer by the week, especially during the five-game stretch where the club failed to score a single goal (six if you want to include that Stoke City friendly).

Last week on Facebook, Hunt Sports Group vice president Dan Hunt joined fans for his weekly chat and one question popped up about making the playoffs. Hunt's response was pretty candid.


Unacceptable is a pretty common phrase that you hear from executives when it comes to their club not reaching the playoffs. But the "you hear me loud and clear" part of that comment strikes me a little bit for when it comes to Hyndman.

I've long been in the camp that believes that the Hunts stand by Hyndman and will pretty much let him decided when he is ready to step away from coaching. Either that be a terrible season like one D.C. United is having or one the is just so frustrating to watch, sort of like this one the team is currently experiencing.

I haven't really offered up any specific thought or comment on Hyndman's job to you all this year because honestly I don't like talking about the local coach in a bad way unless he really deserves it. Overall, Hyndman is a very respectable guy and I do see a scenario here if the club were to just stumble their way out of the playoff picture this season once and for all that he could step away from coaching, maybe take a front office role that is likely waiting for him.

To be fair, it is still too early to even discuss this. He won't do it during the regular season and even if the club were to start losing the rest of their games here for the remaining part of the season, I don't see the Hunts firing him outright once the season is over. They're more about family than any other club in the league from my vantage point. If it comes to firing/stepping away/retirement/etc., it will be done so after the season, possibly even after MLS Cup. Time will be taken. Everything will be thoughtfully planned out.