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Recapping The Rankings: Oscar For Pareja

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FCD loses one on the road against an old friend...

I know, David. This situation is not fun for anybody....
I know, David. This situation is not fun for anybody....
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas was in good shape. David Ferreira had just scored and given the Hoops the lead in a must-win match on the road. Then Uruguayan midfielder Vicente Sanchez took over and gave the Rapids two goals.

That essentially ended the Hoops dreams for snatching a win in this one, falling to Colorado in the Mile High City, 2-1. After showing well in the last match, FCD failed to finish their scoring opportunities. Will the road loss affect the rankings much? Bleacher Report had them moving up a spot (what?).

Rank: 13 (last week 11)

Comment: Three points out with six games left is hardly a death sentence, but they did manage to let a big, big result get away from them in Colorado. The fire power is there for this team, but they just don't put it together consistently enough.

Rank: 11 (last week 11)

Comment: Dallas isn't out of the playoff race after losing to Colorado, but this was a game it should have gotten more out of given that it was a goal up and defended decently save for a 10-minute stretch. Having Blas Perez on from the start would help.

Sports Illustrated

Rank: 11 (last week 10)

Comment: FC Dallas playmaker David Ferreira scores the opening goal. Colorado finds an equalizer and then snatches victory with an own goal off a Dallas defender. Sound familiar? The 2010 MLS Cup final script played out once again Saturday night, as the Rapids battled back from a goal down to take another 2-1 result off FC Dallas.FCD blew a chance to make some major headway in its quest to return to the playoff places, as Matt Hedges' unfortunate own goal snapped a tie and allowed Colorado to take a 2-1 result in their 2010 MLS Cup final rematch. Half of Dallas' six remaining games are against Eastern Conference foes, so the club will need to take care of business while hoping for other results to go its way down the stretch.

Bleacher Report

Rank: 10 (last week 11)

Comment: The players and staff of FC Dallas must be overjoyed that they started off the season with a bang, because that is the only thing keeping them close to the playoff spots in the West. The news does not get any better for the Hoops, as they do not face any clubs in direct competition with them for the fifth and final playoff spot during their final six matches of the season. All of that means that the Hoops will be counting on a bevy of other clubs to deliver results in their favor from now until the end of October.

Soccer America

Rank: 14 (last week 14)

Comment: Yes, the winning goal bounced off defender Matt Hedges into his own net, but FCD had already conceded an equalizer eight minutes after David Ferreira's strike produced a 1-0 lead. It was the third loss this season after scoring the first goal.