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Fabian Castillo Named To's 24 Under 24 List

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The young DP clocks in on the list at number 15.


After checking in on the 2012 24 Under 24 list at number 22, Fabian Castillo has made a move up the charts for the 2013 edition. Today the league website released the latest five players to the list and Castillo checks in on the list at number 15.

Here are some highlights from the article:

What TDs and coaches like: "A faster player I don't know that we've seen in the league. When you have that kind of speed, things can happen. For me, he's an out-and-out wide player. ... He's electric. Electric. Great dribbler, great pace, crafty, clever. ... Defensively, I think he understands that that's an important role. ... The ability to get behind defenders, the ability to get out on the break, to be crafty enough to sidestep defenders, there aren't many quicker in the league. ... He's got great pace. He goes past people. That's always a big, big threat if you've got someone who can beat players one-v-one and and I think he's very good at that. ... I've loved him for the three years he's been in the league."

Where TDs and coaches want improvement: "Tactically, there's room to grow for him. I think he's still got to know the moments when advantages are there and know the moments when advantages aren't there. ... When he gets in front of goal, it's not always clean. His consistency to strike balls and be dangerous as a goal-scoring guy is probably an area that needs improvement. ... His final product, his shot on goal, his finishing or his final pass or final cross [need to be better]. I think sometimes with players who have that kind of pace they maybe don't execute as well as they should when they get in good possessions, and I think that would probably be the case for him. ... I thought last year was maybe was his breakout year, and this year he's back to squandering chances despite how well he plays, basically, from box to box."

Opta Says: Fabian Castillo leads all players eligible for 24 Under 24 with 2.8 successful dribbles per 90 minutes during the 2013 season.

I asked Schellas Hyndman recent what he thought of Castillo's progression this year, Hyndman said thought at first Castillo looked more like a street player.

"For people who have been here since Fabian arrived, what we had was a very fast, potentially talented player," said Hyndman. "And sometimes a street player. Street players gets the ball and only thinks about going to goal, doesn't use teammates or use any tactical decisions. I think in the last two years, we're so excited and happy to see him progress. Right now with his recent games he has been one of our better players. He is a constant terror to the opposition because of his pure speed. We're working hard on his finishing and decision making."