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The Final Word: How Everyone Else Put The Loss To Colorado

We gave our take, now we give you everyone else's.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It is time to put finish up the 2-1 loss to the Colorado Rapids with our Final Word, a look at FC Dallas' loss from other points of view.

Matt Barbour, -"If you look at your records from the last two games we played [against Colorado], the comment that keeps coming out of Oscar Pareja is we outplayed them and should have won," head coach Schellas Hyndman told reporters after the match.

"Today I'll take his quote: We outplayed them and should have won."

Chris Bianchi, -You can teach passing. You can teach tactics. You can even teach certain skills.

You can't, however, teach what Vicente Sanchez did on Saturday night.

The Colorado Rapids' creative midfielder spent his Saturday evening toying with the FC Dallas defense, zig-zagging his way around defender after defender and showcasing an eye-catching array of bicycle kicks and flashy dribbles that had the Dick's Sporting Goods Park crowd chanting his name by the midway point of the second half."

Alfredo Cuvi, - "That loss to the Colorado Rapids was just awful. It wasn't that Dallas played a terrible game. They did alright, and at times looked pretty good. But "alright" and "pretty good" isn't enough when the other team is at home and is just as desperate for points as you are. Blas Perez starting on the bench was probably the right choice at the time, but watching Jackson waste chance, after chance, after chance was maddening. It can be said that Blas needed to start, but after the qualifying campaign, and with FCD playing in thin air, it's hard to begrudge that decision. That requires removing the prescription hindsight glasses, but I'm sure we can manage."

Oscar Pareja, speaking to about the result - ""Well for everyone, actually, I thought it was a game the people enjoyed. The people who came out to support us despite the conditions and the weather and that was an encouragement for this group. We came out to the field and see a crowd there, that was great and then the response from the players to the fans was fantastic. People enjoyed a great game against a very good team and a huge result for us."

John Bolster, - "Schellas Hyndman's men have six games to make up three points in the West, but they also have difficult road dates ahead at New York and Real Salt Lake, and if they move up, which team would they bounce out of the top 5?"

Kevin Koczwara, - "Six minutes later Sanchez was again tormenting the Dallas defense. This time the midfielder dribbled around George John on the left side of the penalty area and pulled across back in front of goal in the direction of a Gabriel Torres, who was bursting into the box. Luckily for Dallas Matt Hedges he was in a good position, but unluckily he miscued the clearance and tipped the ball into the net, giving the Rapids a 2-1 lead."

Chris White, - "Schellas Hyndman made the first sub of the match right at the start of what turned into a tactical ping-pong battle of a second half, bringing on some size and instinct in Perez. Oscar Pareja failed to counter his move, and the Rapids ended up giving up the first goal of the match as Dallas took advantage of their now bolstered forward corps. Colorado had been content with leaving the left flank open all match long and had rarely suffered for it, but a run by Jair Benitez in the 50th minute saw the Rapids suddenly tentative in the box with Perez's big presence thrown into the mix. There wasn't really much of a defensive breakdown involved, with all of the defenders covering men in the box, but Benitez's low and hard cross found David Ferriera before a burgundy jersey could clear it away."

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