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Around MLS: Seattle's Shield to Lose

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There's a new sheriff in Supporter's Shield town. He wears rave green and smells of sulfur.

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It was the most anticipated match of the weekend, and it's the one that will be discussed the most.

The Seattle Sounders beat Real Salt Lake 2-0, and looked comfortable doing it. Real comfortable.

RSL really didn't look good. It's possible they overslept and were sleepy still when walking out onto the field, but the truth is they were just poor. By the second minute they were already down by a goal, and at no point did Real pose a credible threat to Seattle. Salt Lake has been consistently solid throughout the season, but they'll sprinkle in the odd dud here and there. Sometimes these come against weaker teams, but often they'll come against the big boys, which lessens their case for "best team". The best teams should be capable of dispatching the top teams in the league. Recently, RSL has not been able to defeat either Colorado and now Seattle.

It's unfair to the Sounders to say that RSL was entirely poor throughout. After all, they legitimately tried to win the game, only to consistently find Seattle standing in the way. The Sounders smothered the midfield and flew around the pitch, in the usual display of an in-form Sounders club. Seattle looked to have their game hats on: passes were sharp, movement was fast, and the attack was fluid and interchanged regularly.

Many times Seattle has coasted by this season on "just good enough to win". This led to many people doubting their ability to really show that they deserve the Supporter's Shield. Well, one game isn't about to change anyone's mind, but at the very least they have now thoroughly smothered a great team. Jason Kreis must have felt as if he was suffocating from all the pressure Seattle brought to bear.

Can the Sounders keep this up? That shield is theirs to lose if they can maintain their momentum.

The LA Galaxy drew level with D.C. United 2-2 (woof).

It was an ugly game for Los Angeles that saw Landon Donovan and A.J. DeLaGarza subbed off with injuries, and they gave up two goals to league-worst DC. The Galaxy were visiting and the weather in DC can be harsh, but that didn't really matter this match.

I can't really make fun of DC for tying with the Galaxy though. Those fans have had it rough. DC actually played a pretty decent game, something that hasn't been too common around those parts this year. Chris Pontius is clearly their main man, even moreso than Dwayne De Rosario. DeRo is brilliant, but he's getting older every day and he has a history of staying with teams for all of 2 years before he moves on. Pontius is young and seems loyal to the Screaming Eagles.

DC needs to keep Pontius around for as long as they can hold him. You have a nice young core that you can build around Perry Kitchen, Bill Hamid and Chris Pontius. It helps that they've both been with DC their entire careers.

I'd like to see DC rewarded for their stadium victory (and this season's sorrow) with a few wins. It would be nice to see them end the season on a high note.

The Chicago Fire finally won a must win game, dispatching the New England Revolution 3-2 at Toyora Park.

Thanks to the heroics of Juan Luis Anangono (he's from a super cool place I hear), Mike Magee and Sean Johnson, the Fire are now firmly in control of their playoff destiny. That's a bit misleading, as even a minor slip up can cause them to drop out of the picture. They're only barely in ahead of the Philadelphia Union (who lost to the Houston Dynamo, but no one wants to talk about Houston), as the current tiebreaker is games played / PPG. But it doesn't matter.

Right now, the Fire are the bosses of this here playoff picture. Word's goin' round that them there's what playoffs look like. There's a whole mess o' playoffs round Montreal-way. Figurin' them farmer folks in Illinois have done away with corn and wheat and have started seedin' some playoff plants. Mighty fine thing if' y'ask me. Them Fire fellas have been hankerin' for some playoffs since afore President Aruthur's day.

In a match whose outcome was as certain as the rising of the sun, the New York Red Bulls beat Toronto FC 2-0.

I tried watching 10 minutes of this and then I felt my heart blackening from within. Had I kept watching it, the corruption from watching TFC lose yet again would have consumed me whole and I would have looked like this. Instead of talking about one-sided games, let's discuss other things, such as this great picure of a cat using a fork.


Food for Thought:
  1. It's time to ask the question for the last time. Put your lives, your fortune, and your sacred honor on the line on this query: Who will win the Supporter's Shield? Seattle, New York, Montreal or someone else?

  1. Did you watch any MLS games this weekend? Do you have any opinions on the other teams chasing the shield?
  2. Will the Fire hold on and get that last playoff spot in the west? To either answer: Why?
  3. Is there a better gif in the world that the cat with the fork? (Tip: The answer is no)

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