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Three Questions wirth Burgundy Wave

We sit down with Chris White of the Burgundy Wave blog to ask him about the Colorado Rapids.

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The biggest match of this season (points wise) is tonight. Mr. White is here to answer our quesitons.

1) This Rapids team really has been something else this season. People expected improvement, but this team has surprised on many levels. What are the fans' expectations this season? MLS Cup or bust? Will the playoffs suffice? Is just getting in a victory, or do people expect a little more than simply qualifying?

At this point, I don't think anyone would complain about a low playoff spot, regardless of how they did after getting it. There are a few people that think this team is actually capable of making a run for the cup this year -- they're right of course, it is MLS after all, but I personally think that the offense isn't going to get enough time to catch up to itself before this season has ended -- but I think we're all perfectly fine with the situation we're in right now after last year. Hell, if they win three of their last six matches, regardless of where they are in the standings, they'll finish with 14 wins and 51 points, which are both team records post-shootout era. Who could complain about that?

2) Gabriel Torres just scored a great goal for Panama, and looks to be the right player for the right price. What do Rapids fans think of him so far?

We haven't had much time to get to know him. His first game was predictably not a fantastic performance as he tried to get used to his new teammates and the Altitude. His second game, the midfield had such a horrendous performance when it came to getting the ball forward that he literally only touched the ball three times in the first half, one of which was the opening kickoff. We know what he's capable of though, and there's plenty of excitement in the air for the homestretch if he can turn it on.

3) This isn't soccer related, but how are you guys coping with the flooding? By all reports is looks as if all hell has broken loose near Commerce City. How is the city dealing with this? Entire sections appear to be under water. How affected would the Rapids facilities be by this mess?

I'm currently living in Florida so I'm not too knowledgeable on the whole situation, but I do know that it was bad enough to absolutely destroy a batch of highways, and there are over 100 people unaccounted for in Boulder. It's one of the worst disasters that Colorado has seen in a while, and that's including the awful wildfires we seem to get every year. DSGP appears to be all right and the game is still on as far as we know, so at least there's that.

Thanks to Chris White and the folks at the Burgundy Wave for answering our questions!

If you'd like to see my answers to his questions, the Burgundy Wave should have them up at some point today.