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Peter Luccin Removed From Injured Reserve

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Eric Hassli moved to the disabled list.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Major League Soccer roster freeze has gone in full effect and FC Dallas made their lone move Friday afternoon by activating midfielder Peter Luccin from the injured reserve as expected.

Also, the club has placed forward Eric Hassli on the disabled list. That pretty much ends Hassli's season as per MLS roster rules, as once you are placed on the disabled list you can not return to the field for six games.

Here is the full rule for when it comes to placing a player on the disabled list:

A player who has a short-term injury can be placed on the Disabled List once another player has been signed as a replacement (provided the team has budget space). The team will remain responsible for the full amount of the injured player's salary on the salary budget. Note: the injured player will have to sit out a minimum of six MLS League matches before he can rejoin the team's roster.

International player limits still apply at the time a short-term replacement is made (with the player being replaced not counting against those limits).

NOTE: No changes may be made to a team's active full roster during the period beginning on September 14, 2013 (day after Roster Freeze Date) through the day after MLS Cup. Nevertheless, a team may obtain players in accordance with the extreme hardship rules and procedures to replace players who are injured or otherwise legitimately unavailable after the Roster Freeze Date. Any other replacements after the Roster Freeze Date may only be made in exceptional circumstances in the League's sole and absolute discretion.

Hassli has been dealing with back issues for a number of weeks now. He started in four matches this season, appearing in 15 with just one assist.

So to recap, one Frenchman in (Luccin) and one Frenchman out (Hassli).