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MLS Roster Freeze Is Today, Don't Expect Much From FC Dallas

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The league roster freeze for the 2013 season is today.

The final Major League Soccer roster movement day is today at 5pm ET as all rosters will freeze for the rest of the year at that point. Trades, moves and other announcements can be made after that time however but all deals will be likely done well ahead of that time.

What does this mean for FC Dallas? Nothing really, the only move fans should expect today is to see veteran midfielder Peter Luccin be removed from the injured reserve spot and moved back to the active roster.

Dallas isn't expecting to make any other moves here as they head into the final few weeks of the regular season. Fernando Clavijo confirmed this yesterday on with Matt Barbour.

"Yes, this is our next move for sure," Clavijo said. "We feel very strongly that right now his addition is going to be very welcomed not only by the coach ... but also by the team. It surprised us all that he's ready to add minutes and to give us a push at the end of the season. I'm really pleased and happy for him."

Are you disappointed to see Dallas not make any further moves at this point? Or happy that Luccin is finally healthy enough to re-join the team?