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FC Dallas announces Toyota as official naming rights partner

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Partnership names venue Toyota Stadium and Toyota Soccer Center

The speculation can end, FC Dallas finally has a new stadium partner in Toyota.

FC Dallas has reached a long-term agreement with Toyota to name the popular North Texas sports and entertainment venue Toyota Stadium, while the 17 professional-grade soccer fields adjacent to the stadium will be called Toyota Soccer Center.

The terms of the deal were not discussed during the press conference.

"Whether on the field or on the road, customers of both Toyota and FC Dallas share a passion for great products and great success," said Brent Hillyer, vice president, Gulf States Toyota. "We are proud to partner with FC Dallas to sponsor this world-class stadium and complex, and are looking forward to supporting the team."

Spanning 145 acres in the heart of Frisco, Texas, Toyota Stadium and Toyota Soccer Center together are booked 350 days of the year, hosting more than 1.8 million visitors annually. Not only is Toyota Stadium home to Major League Soccer's FC Dallas, the venue also hosts international soccer matches, the NCAA FCS Championship, AAC Men's Soccer Championship and concerts.

"This is a monumental day for our organization," said Dan Hunt, vice president of Hunt Sports Group. "My entire family and I are so excited to be partnered with Toyota. I wish my father was alive today to see Toyota join FC Dallas in helping soccer grow across the Metroplex and Texas. This stadium complex was one of his favorite projects and will always be extra special to me as the last project I got to do with him before he passed. I know having such a wonderful partner as Toyota step up and put their name on it would make him proud."

This marks the third soccer stadium in the US that Toyota is sponsoring with Toyota Park in Chicago and Toyota Field in San Antonio. Hillyer felt that adding a third sponsorship in US soccer made sense.

"For us to be apart of a sport with so much growth, it made sense for us to be in this market," explained Hillyer.

Players were also excited by the announcement today. Defender George John said the players were told of the news early Tuesday morning. When asked if they had any new nicknames for the venue, John stated that they were in the works.

"It has been a while since we had a sponsor," said John. "We've all been waiting and anticipating when they would sign someone cause people were still referring to the stadium as Pizza Hut Park. We're all really happy about it and it is a great partner to have on board."