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Could Toyota Be The Stadium Sponsor?

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We'll know more in a few short hours.

Cooper Neill

Rumors are surfacing this morning, just hours before FC Dallas is set to make a major announcement regarding their stadium naming-rights. Both WFAA and the Dallas Business Journal are adding fuel to the speculation that Toyota will be the major player in today's announcement.

We don't know yet as to whether or not it will be Toyota Field/Park/Stadium/whatever or the rumored Tundra Stadium from earlier this summer.

Here is what the DBJ had to say about the potential sponsorship:

"It makes a ton of sense, an automobile manufacturer would be perfect for the demographic of the facility," said John Alper, vice president of sales and marketing with New Jersey-based Legends Hospitality Holding Company LLC. "It's a really solid category for that facility because of the families, kids, teenagers and Hispanic demographic."

If the deal is real, Toyota would be a real win for FC Dallas as a top-tier sponsor, he said. FC Dallas declined to comment on the possible naming-rights sponsor.

It appears Toyota is attempting to conquer the domestic U.S. market, which could explain a shift towards a naming-rights sponsorship in a key submarket. Previously, Toyota sponsored Toyota Field, where the San Antonio Scorpions play.

Again, we'll know more in a few short hours and have it all covered here on Big D Soccer.