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Erick Set To Play Against LA Galaxy?

Newly signed defensive midfielder could see time against LA after all.

Jason Minnch, FC Dallas Communications

According to's Matt Barbour, FC Dallas manager Schellas Hyndman may be pulling out some risks on Sunday against the LA Galaxy.

Newly signed defensive midfielder Erick could see some action on Sunday despite dealing with a hamstring injury that has kept him out of action since signing with the club in July.

"I think he's 100 percent ready [physically], but he's a little bit raw," Hyndman told reporters Thursday. "It's a bit of a risk for us to throw him out there without seeing him play, but we want to dress him out so that we can have him available.

"He's a player that's very aggressive, so he needs to understand the refereeing, the league, how things work...the last thing we want to do is start him and he gets a red card."

The article mentions that Erick could be the destroyer-type player that Hyndman has been looking for in his midfield to switch to a 4-4-2 set up. Back in Portugal, Erick played the defensive part of a diamond midfield, something Hyndman has been long wanting to try here with this group this season.

"If you think about a diamond, you can have a David Ferreira on the field, you can have a Mauro Diaz on the field, you can have a Ramon Nuñez on the field, even though they may not be the players you want on the field at the same time," Hyndman explained. "I think we have the guy on the top of the diamond. We have two to three people that could do that. But I wasn't sure we had anybody at the back of the diamond [and] that's the concern that we have."

This late in the season is a risky time to switch up formations but if it is something that can break the slumps that the club is currently in, I think anyone associated with the club would welcome it.

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