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Random Thoughts: Aggressive Play, Charlie Davies and more

Tasos Katopodis

Random thoughts, some FC Dallas related, some MLS related, and some not at all related to soccer, will be posted here. Feel free to reply to any of them or none of them.

- Steve Hunt over at the 3rd Degree blog has uncovered some quotes from Schellas after the team's practice. Go there to read it, it's very informative, and then ask yourself this: What would happen if Dallas pushed more aggressively forward and took a few more risks? While that's one way to solve the lack of pushing forard, but it makes me nervous.

This team has shown itself to be a bit poor at getting the ball back once they lose it. If it wasn't for our defenders' heroics, I suspect we would be doing a lot worse. Do you think they should go ahead and try aggression and risk-taking? Would you be upset if they conceded more goals by trying this route? Should they shore up their "regaining possession" game first?

- The US Open Cup semi finals played out yesterday, and the winners were DC United over the Chicago Fire, while Real Salt Lake took down the Portland Timbers. DC were the surprise victors, as I'm non-plussed over Real's victory. It's great for them, sure. But I didn't really doubt Kreis' ability to go head to head with Porter's team. RSL has better players and a savvier manager. The complaining is rather a lot though, from both of these men. Complainiest coach: Kreis or Porter?

- Charlie Davies has signed on loan with the New England Revolution from Danish outfit Randers. I'm not sure what it is the Revs are trying to do here. I know they want more scoring, but Davies has this habit of completely vanishing during games. This is an act that DC United saw often enough (despite his 11 goals for them) that they weren't interested in keeping him around. Feilhaber and now Davies? Yuck, Revs.

- The Colorado Rapids are this ----> . close to signing Gabby Torres. That's scary. If they get Torres, FCD will be in a spot of trouble fighting for those playoffs spots if Colorado can keep it together.

- Peanut M&Ms are the greatest candy/chocolate ever created. This isn't really so much a discussion point as it is an indisputable statement.

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