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FC Dallas Injury Update: Zimmerman, Erick Progressing

Hamstring issues still present for two FC Dallas players.


Things are slowly moving along here as we get ready for FC Dallas' next match on Sunday against the LA Galaxy.

Thankfully for the club there are no new injuries to worry or stress over at the moment. However, there are two players that are still dealing with the same type of injury, a hamstring strain. For those of you out there that have never dealt with a hamstring injury, they linger on and on. That is what is going on for rookie defender Walker Zimmerman and newcomer Erick.

Both players have been going through similar training sessions this week to recover from their injuries. Zimmerman has even said that his injury is more of a tightness type of thing than a strain. Which is good, that means he is progressing along here.

Zimmerman has missed 15 games this season with injuries, a pretty rough way to go for a rookie.

IR: Ugo Ihemelu (concussion symptoms), Peter Luccin (torn ACL)

Questionable: Walker Zimmerman (hamstring strain), Erick (hamstring strain)

So really not a ton has changed in terms of injuries from last week. I honestly wouldn't expect to see either of these guys on Sunday against LA.

There has been a little bit of good news for Peter Luccin. The veteran French midfielder has been seen at training, lightly running around and going through some exercises. I've been told that he isn't close to coming back to any contact drills just yet but seeing that he is able to run and make some cuts on the field is a good sign.

For those of you curious about Ugo Ihemelu, I honestly have no new news regarding his status. I honestly have't seen him in a few weeks to even get an update from him either.

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