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FC Dallas Stock Report - August 7

The FC Dallas Stock Exchange hits record lows for the first time in 2013.



Mauro Diaz

From what I have seen out of limited action from Mauro Diaz, I am very impressed. He appears to be technically gifted, something that this team desperately needs. Here's hoping he has a knack for creating opportunities for our strikers, scoring goals, and not squandering chances (see Fabian Castillo's career). We will kind of have to wait and see for Mauro, but the future is looking bright for this young lad. I would not be shocked to see him starting by the end of this year.

Kellyn Acosta

What more can be said about this kid that has not already been said? He just turned 18 years old a couple of weeks ago and made his regular season debut for the first team against Seattle. Kellyn is an exciting prospect. He can play in many different positions, which makes him very valuable to this team. I just want to watch him continue to blossom in front of our very eyes. He is good news for this league and this academy. FCD needs to continue to find him playing time, though, or we all know what could end up happening. Anyway, congratulations to Mr. Acosta on his debut. Hopefully, he too can be starting on this team by the end of the year.

Fernando Clavijo

Forget the signings that have not worked out, I am giving Clavijo a nod in the stock up direction because he has finally started to loan out some players that needed playing time. Richard Sanchez and Bradlee Baladez have been loaned out to the Fort Lauderlade Strikers. These moves are EXCELLENT for the young guns and I can only hope that the loans keep on coming. I feel like these kids' talents are not wasted when they are playing for another team and not rotting on our bench. Mauro Diaz is another player who gives Clavijo the right to be labeled in the stock up category.


Raul Fernandez- represented FC Dallas in the MLS All Star Game. Most of the goals against are not his fault.

George John - continues to play well on defense, but is hurt by SH tactics and lack of offensive production.


Ramon Nunez

We all had high hopes for Mr. Nunez. Many consider him to be the unofficial first homegrown player for FC Dallas. It is a little harsh for me to put him in the stock down section, but the truth is cruel. Since returning to the first team, Nunez has not played much. Apparently, he has not done enough (or is not fit enough) to overtake a wing midfield position from either Jackson or Castillo. I was hoping he would be ready to start by now, but Coach Hyndman does not have enough in him just yet (or Ramon himself is not ready). Couple that with the signing of Mauro Diaz, and, all of a sudden, Nunez finds himself third on the attacking midfield depth chart. Barring any major injuries to DF10, if he is to make an impact on this team, it is going to have to be on the wings.

David Ferreira

Sigh, David. I cannot tell you how disappointed I am that I have to list you here in the trending downwards section. You have been nothing short of horrible for the past two months. You have not been able to orchestrate the offense like we have been used to seeing you do for the past couple of seasons. You seem to have lost control of this team as a captain. Unfortunately, for these three reasons, the time might have come for you to be relegated to the bench. If you are not 100% fit, then this should be good for you. If this is what it takes for you to get your act together, so be it. You are not playing with the same passion we have come to expect from our talisman. Maybe it's time for you to relax for a little bit.


Set-piece specialist and makeshift midfielder Michel has struggled mightily as of late. As Drew has noted many times, it appears that teams have made adjustments that have hindered his ability as a central midfielder. Blame for not adjusting to other teams should be placed on Schellas, in my opinion. Michel is playing in a position he has never played in before. If you are going to play him there, it is time for you adjust tactics in order to insure that he is helping the team. Michel was on the bench last week for the first time since opening day. Let us see if he stays on the bench against the Galaxy or if he gets the started over the gem, Je-Vaughn Watson.

Schellas Hyndman

For all you need to know about Schellas, refer to this excellent article by Mr. Cuvi. I will just touch on the basics. Schellas's flaws tactically have killed this team. His stubborn thought process, refusing to tinker with formations and players, has not helped his cause at all. Give Alfredo's piece a read. It describes everything to do with Schellas perfectly and much better than I could. Oh and he continues to give Watson playing time in center midfield.

Food For Thought:

1. Do you want to see Mauro starting over DF10?

2. Would you mind Kellyn Acosta starting at RB and Zach Loyd getting the nod at LB sometime in the near future?

3. Who else do you want to see loaned out to lower divisions?

4. Where is Nunez's position or role on this team?

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