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A Question Of Leadership

Should the captain's armband be moved to someone else on the field?

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Anytime a club goes through a slump like the one FC Dallas is currently in, there are always tons of questions thrown around. Right now the biggest question in my mind is that of leadership with this club.

To start this season FC Dallas manager Schellas Hyndman put the captain's armband on a truly worthy person in former MLS MVP David Ferreira. At the time, no one doubted that move as it was completely justified. Hyndman stated many times early on this season that the team would go as Ferreira would go.

I've thought a lot about that quote that he had back in preseason. It is a pretty telling one too because the club has continued to go as Ferreira has here this season. When he was at his best, the club certainly was too. But lately there has been no denying that Ferreira hasn't been at his absolute best. I'd even say that this last weekend's result in Seattle was a pretty telling sign when he picked up a yellow card late and then caused a penalty kick in the final minutes of the match.

Frustrations are expected during a dry spell but those two moments continue to stick in my mind as maybe it is time for a change in leadership on this club.

Speaking to reporters on Monday (hat tip to 3rdDegree for snagging this quote), Hyndman was asked about leadership and the Gaffer feels it could be better.

"I think that one's probably a difficult one for me to answer because I've always been candid with you all and I really don't want to say anything negative about that," Hyndman said when asked if he was satisfied with the level of veteran leadership he's been getting. "So, in some way, I told you I think it could be better."

Ferreira isn't a guy that likes to get in other players faces to lead them like we've seen in the past out of former captains. When at 100%, he is a guy that leads by example. And unfortunately for the club, he isn't at 100% these days so his example isn't a great one.

So who could it be? Blas Perez? George John? Raul Fernandez? Someone else? In all honesty, the options for a club leader are pretty limited at this point. No matter who it is and if it changes, someone has to step up more than what is going on right now. That is for sure.