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By The Numbers: Quick Look At The Current Slump For FC Dallas

A few little notes on just how ugly this current run is for Schellas Hyndman and the club.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

I spent some time this morning digging through some numbers. I've been thinking long and hard about this current slump that FC Dallas. Mainly I wanted to see the numbers listed out as much as I could to really get a sense of how bad things really are with this club.

So where we go...

Right now the club is 1-5-4 in their last 10 league matches. In that time even clubs like Toronto FC have won more matches than Dallas has. Eeek.

This year's nine games (and counting) run began at the start of June and has extended itself into August. Dallas is currently 0-4-5 during this slump, scoring just six goals and giving up a 15 goals in the process.

Before the slump began Dallas was riding high in the league. A solid +6 goal differential and a good record of 8-2-3.

It may be hard to swallow but only one team, Portland, has fewer losses than Dallas at the moment but no one wants to focus on that number.

The amount of time that Dallas as spent without a goal is becoming a staggering number. So bad that the current 450 minutes of scoreless soccer is now a new club record. Ouch.

This 450 minutes is now the longest scoreless streak in MLS during the 2013 season.

Lastly, the current scoreless slump is about 400 minutes away from being the league's all-time scoreless streak record held by Toronto when they were an expansion team back in 2007.

Here is a minute breakdown of how things have also gone during this current run. Numbers that just don't look good.

Minutes Tied 554
Minutes Trailing 256
Minutes Led 0
Different Starting Lineups 9

Nine different starting lineups doesn't help in this case either. Injuries have been a problem. Then again so have international call-ups. Either way the club is on bad form from top to bottom.

Schellas Hyndman told reporters following the Seattle loss last weekend that things have to change in the attack and they will be working on it in training this week before they host LA on Sunday.

"I don't think the players have really got the whole grasp of it, but for the coaches, we're very frustrated," said Hyndman. "We were just talking about that before y'all walked in. We need to maybe get away a little bit from some of the things we've been doing in training and put more into our attacking patterns."

Something has to give soon with this club.