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FC Dallas Injury Update - The Latest On Several Players

Schellas Hyndman dishes out his thoughts on several injured players.


The bye week for FC Dallas certainly came at a great time for the team. Not only do they get a week off after a busy stretch of play but they also get an extra week to get healthy for the final stretch run of the 2013 MLS season.

Steve Hunt from 3rdDegree caught up with Schellas Hyndman yesterday after training and was able to snag a few comments on several injured players that have headlined the injury list these last few games.

The article begins with a look at the injury to forward Eric Hassli. For those who don't know, the Frenchman has been dealing with back issues for some time now and it doesn't sound like it has gotten any better.

"He's had some back pain. He's taken an injection to kind of calm everything down. It's kind of a double-edged sword right now because he needs to get fit, he needs to be active and the more he works and the more active he is, the more his back hurts. I think he's got to put himself in the situation where he is getting fitter and I think he's got to be kind to himself by watching what he eats and then making sure he's doing everything he can to relieve any additional weight or stress on his back."

Hyndman was asked about how the injury to Andrew Jacobson looked as well. The midfielder's hamstring could return possibly next week if the improvement he saw last week continues.

"Yeah, the diagnosis on him was four to six weeks. But last week when we came back from our trip, he said he felt remarkably better. So that's a good sign we don't hear too often. We'll go through this coming week to see how he's doing and the nice thing is we have this weekend off, so he could find himself back into the top 18 the following week."

Zach Loyd is also another starter that has been sidelined recent but the outlook for him still remains a tad unclear.

"Yeah, Zach I think he's still probably two weeks away."

I wouldn't shocked if we didn't see Loyd until late September at best. ACL injuries are always tricky.

Speaking of ACL injuries,  injured defensive midfielder Peter Luccin is progressing very nicely from his ACL injury that has kept him out of this season so far. He has been seen in training more here recently. As of last week it appears that it is very possible that we may see Luccin make the bench towards the end of the season for Dallas.

Hyndman was also asked about the club's other long-term injury for Ugo Ihemelu as well.

"I think it's just going to be a long-term process now. If we have one idea or one thought in all this, the one thought we have and don't waver from is we want Ugo to be healthy. That's out No. 1 priority. We're not looking at winning games with Ugo. We're not trying to put Ugo in the top 18 or the starting lineup as much as we'd love to have him. We all know that. Our only concern right now is Ugo's health."

I hate saying this because I like Ugo as a person but there's little hope in my mind that we'll see him back in a Dallas uniform. I'm sure the club will give him every chance that they can to return to the field but more than likely he'll have to retire at some point.