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The Final Word: FC Dallas vs San Jose Earthquakes

A new feature that takes a look at what everyone else said about the 2-2 draw against San Jose.

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We spend a lot of time on this space giving our own opinions but I've been tossing around this idea for some time now and thought this would be a good week to do it. I'm calling it 'The Final Word', which takes one last look at the previous match with quotes from various news outlets and blogs to give you all a piece of what everyone else is saying about the previous result.

- Peter Welpton, - "Fighting back in Saturday night's game against San Jose does show that continued spirit that has become FC Dallas' trademark. It also slightly overshadows the fact that the team gave up those two goals far too easily and at this juncture of the season a draw just "ain't gonna cut it".

"Hyndman's squad had everything going against it Saturday night as it was the last of a three game stretch, returning home from a lengthy bit of travel and having to face an opponent who are on a quality run. Alas, those are only excuses when you're a team that needs wins."

- Dan Karell, Soccer By Ives - "In the 69th minute, controversy took hold of the match. On a beautifully chipped ball from Watson to Perez, the referee Toledo judged Earthquakes defender Victor Bernardez to have pulled down Perez in the area, though video evidence points to very minimal contact. Toledo pointed to the spot, and once everything was sorted out three minutes later, Michel scored to tie the match."

- Alfredo Cuvi, - "Long term isn't exactly a concern though. This is about the playoffs, and it's starting to look incresingly unlikely that Dallas will make them. If you asked me right now if Dallas has what it takes, I'd say "no". It stings to say, but a combination of substandard coaching (that seems to have improved lately), injuries and just flat out poor showings have led to this."

- Robert Jonas, - "Unfortunately for the Quakes, Toledo, who still drawing ire from San Jose for earlier denying a penalty call, gifted Dallas a spot kick in the 69th minute. After taking a poor first touch on a pass into the area, Perez collapsed to the ground very easily on a challenge from Earthquakes captain Bernardez and was awarded a penalty. Brazilian set-piece specialist Michel stepped up to the spot and chipped a perfect kick inside the left post, away from Busch guessing incorrectly to the right, and FCD completed its comeback from a two goal deficit to draw level at 2-2."

- Clarence Goodson on returning to Dallas, via - "It was interesting. Even driving over to the field today, a lot of things have changed since I was last here. I lived across the street for a small period of time and they have a lot going on there now. For me personally it seems like it's come full circle almost. I came here a young man and come back here a veteran, a guy who's been in major international tournaments and been an international. It's a weird feeling, but a good feeling to come back to the place where it all started. I said before this club gave me a chance to realize my dream of playing professional soccer and this is where it started."

- Schellas Hyndman on the Kenny Cooper/Victor Bernardez incident, via - "That was Bernardez that threw him into the stands [in May]. I still at times think there's an effect from that. It takes a long time to [get over]," Hyndman said. "We have Ugo Ihemelu who is sitting out the year from his concussion, so he's a constant reminder to our players that this could happen to them."

- Hyndman on who is the top PK taker at the moment, via - "Michel has been working on PKs. He's probably the [player] that's been working on them the most out of everybody on the team," Hyndman told reporters after the match. "We bring players in and we train on PKs under a lot of pressure. Out of all the things that we've done, right now Michel seems to be the one that's our best PK taker."