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The Monday After San Jose: Time Crunch

Tick, tick, tick, tick....

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The first few minutes of the game against San Jose were an exceptionally frustrating thing to watch.

Here was a team that, on its best days, is known for solid defending. You wouldn't know it to look at things on the field. The entire team looked disorganized, disjointed, and mostly out of sync.

It resulted in a two goal deficit that could have doomed Dallas before our hero Blas Perez and some very generous refereeing gifted FCD a point. No doubt about it, Dallas did not play particularly well. They weren't particularly bad either, but with time winding down and each tick of the clock louder than the last, the team needs to show more than "they weren't bad".

It would be a nice thing to call it a gusty comeback that saved them a point. But it isn't. It's the story of the boy who cried "gutsy comeback". You can only have so many of those before it starts to look like "incapable of winning", instead of whatever euphemism we'd like to apply to another tick in the home winless streak column. I've given Portland a lot of schtick for failing to win when they had the chance and for drawing so often. It's no different for FCD, but the Toros can't even fall back on their penchant for flair/style.

It's not all bad. The team looks to be in a decent spot regarding their long term health. Erick is a good upgrade at DM and once he's match fit he will be a difference maker. Likewise, Mauro Diaz will likely get better with time, not worse. David will either have a fire lit under him as we've seen lately, or he will see less time (hopefully). Fans should feel okay about this team going forward into the next season, if not necessarily great. Kellyn Acosta keeps winning over fans game after game for his skill, intelligence and propensity to not take crap from opposing players.

Long term isn't exactly a concern though. This is about the playoffs, and it's starting to look incresingly unlikely that Dallas will make them. If you asked me right now if Dallas has what it takes, I'd say "no". It stings to say, but a combination of substandard coaching (that seems to have improved lately), injuries and just flat out poor showings have led to this.

They've dug their own hole, and it will take more than some draws at home to crawl out of it.

On an unrelated note, Kenny Cooper took a red card that I'm completely happy with. Victor Bernardez is the same "player" (I hesitate to use the word) that gave Coops his concussion earlier in the season. He has also been suspended numerous times this season, both retroactively and on the field, for his ridiculously reckless challenges. His stamp/tackle that took Kenny out this game was unconscionably stupid, and Cooper was absolutely right to defend himself. He may be a chicken/ineffective in the air, but I'll be damned if it wasn't satisfying seeing him intimidate Bernardez.

TL;DR: Comebacks and draws are getting old, but I'm not sure this team is currently in a place where we can expect more wins than losses or draws.