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August Outlook: Where Points Will Come From For FC Dallas

Points have been hard to come by lately for FC Dallas, but will August be a better page on the calendar?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

So yeah. About those last two months for FC Dallas. I'm willing to flip the calendar over as quickly as you are to August. FC Dallas has five games during the month of August, which could easily make it the most important month of the season here.

In the last eight games, Dallas has five points. That much we know.

Time to look at the August Outlook and see where the points might just come this month to help keep the playoff hopes alive for the club.

Seattle Sounders FC (August 3, 9:30pm, away)

The month gets started off with a bang. Just how good are the Sounders these days? Can Blas Perez spark the Hoops after his run with Panama in the Gold Cup? How much of Mauro Diaz will we see. We'll dive more into that later on around these parts today.

LA Galaxy (August 11, 7pm, home)

A big one with the Galaxy next weekend. LA has been better in some games lately but on the road not so much. They should have Landon Donovan back for this one and they might have Robbie Keane back as well. I still believe that as long as Dallas comes out of Seattle without any injuries that this is the one that Dallas can and will win. It will be close and hard fought either way.

Portland Timbers (August 17, 10pm, away)

I love the late games on the west coast. The Timbers have lost two games since our last meeting with them but that means very little to me for this one since it is in their building again. Once again, if Dallas can go there with their full squad I see no reason that they can't come away with a point here.

Chivas USA (August 21, 9:30pm, away)

Last match with Chivas USA this season. It should be a win no matter what but we know how games these last couple of seasons with this bunch have gone. Even at full strength, all bets are off in this one. I just hope the winless run doesn't continue on until this point or else it could be very ugly.

San Jose Earthquakes (August 24, 8pm, home)

Last game of the month and it comes against a team that may or may not be in the thick of the playoff race. If San Jose is still marginally in contention here this one will be hotly contested. If not, I see the Quakes playing their bash-brother style of game and hope for whatever they can get. Either way, this is a must-win game for Dallas at home.

Final outlook:

Five games, and 15 points total available this month. All matches are against Western conference foes, which means they are all vital games. I see no reason that Dallas can't get at a minimum of six points this month with those two home games. I'll always say it but you must win your home games. Those three road games aren't easy to say the least but they also aren't completely horrible either.

Tomorrow's game in Seattle will tell us a lot about the character of this club, a win or draw in Seattle will mean that this team is back in my mind. A loss, particularly a bad one with no goals again will tell me that this club has no business reaching the post season this year.

I would be more than thrilled with nine points this month and I think even eight is a decent probability as long as the club remains healthy. That is such a big key for this group that I cannot stress it enough. If they remain healthy, the goals will come. If they remain healthy and get more minutes and production out of Diaz and even guys like David Ferreira, Jackson, Kenny Cooper and Fabian Castillo, then eight or nine points isn't going to be a shocker to me. But if the health doesn't remain there, I can only see six points coming from this month.

What do you think? Six points? Eight points? Nine points? Or something less/more?